Giant macaron at Bardot.

Sin City is delicious: Where to eat in Vegas

I haven’t spoiled myself in a long time. Or at least I mean I haven’t spoiled myself with any indulgence beyond fleece pyjamas, a full can of Pringles, and unlimited Netflix.

After ten days of camping in Utah and Arizona, luxury was what I needed in Vegas. And a shower. I really needed a shower.

Some of my dining opps were courtesy of Vdara and Downtown Grand. I mentioned in my blog post about the greatest day ever in Vegas being pricey, but worth it. I’ll repeat: If you’re going to Vegas, it’s worth it to save up for at least one big, big day out. That includes a massage, a pool session, and non-stop dining forever.

My head still reels thinking about the service in Vegas. I’m missing it in Germany; it’s a little different, to say the least. So here’s where I blew all my cash.


Downtown is where the locals eat, meaning it’s also where you’ll find the cheaper restaurant. Especially once you move beyond Fremont Street.

Triple George Grill

The prices here are fair, and the food is excellent. It’s not too swanky – you can go either casual, or big. I had the ahi tuna with veggies and rice, in some attempt to recapture the Hawaii experience. It was worth it.

I think my favourite part of the whole thing was when I entered the restaurant, and the server who seated us remarked on my perfume.

“Dior Poison, right?” she asked.

Everyone in Vegas is so perfect.


Diana and me came to VegeNation for lunch one afternoon, seeking air conditioning. As you guessed, it’s a vegetarian place. We ordered dumplings and bao buns, and took advantage of the extensive iced drinks and juices menu…except my kombucha ended up being bad or something, and I had to return it. It was the first time I’ve ever returned ANYTHING, for reals. I hated it. The waitress didn’t even bat an eyelash.

Bao buns at VegeNation, Vegas

Is there anything more hipster-like than drinking kombucha in a veg restaurant in Vegas? Maybe not.


I kinda had to walk through a sketchy part of town to get to MTO CAFE, but I didn’t get shot so it’s all good. I joined Dani for lunch, and ordered the grilled cheese with toasted walnuts and brie. It wasn’t the kind of hangover grilled cheese I was going for, but it was amazing jus the same.

Grilled cheese at MTO Cafe, Vegas

Park on Fremont

I was introduced to the beauty of the Moscow Mule at Park on Fremont, my all-time favourite cocktail. ALL TIME. Park on Fremont also became one of my favourite places downtown. JoAnna brought me here for an anniversary party, where we were treated to live music and small plates.

Live music at Park on Fremont
Turn the corner and there’s a tiny little garden area with a SEE SAW.

the see-saw at Park on Fremont

Banger Brewing

Not much I can say about this one other than yeah, of course I’d love it. Also, this photo.

Love at first flight.

love at first flight


Things are always more expensive on The Strip.

 Bardot French Brasserie

Oh man, Bardot was easily one of the top dining experiences of my life. Me and Trish raved about this place forever after our visit.

As guests of Vdara, we were basically told to order whatever wanted. I ordered a motherfreakin’ $25 bottle of signature beer created specifically for Bardot, just because I could.

beer at bardot
gnocchi at bardot

Trish and me decided to order a lot of things and try them all. Including escargot. It is with great shame that I admit we were served the snails…and then immediately we both realized we were in way over our heads. I couldn’t do it; neither could Trish.

I think we redeemed ourselves with Michael the waiter, though. We ate with great zest through plates of oysters on the half shell, truffle fries, delicate gnocchi, and tasty salads with goat’s cheese and beets. We fell in love with Michael, and maybe, just maybe he fell in love with us.

We were nowhere near classy enough to be in that restaurant.

Michael: “I’m sorry ladies, I lied to you. The gnocchi isn’t ready yet. Chef saw you were still eating, so he sent it back.”

Me: throws down napkin “That’s it, I’m leaving.”

Trish: looking around “Can he SEE us?!”

We finished it off with a macaron the size of my head.

Della’s Kitchen

Della’s Kitchen is THE place to go for brunch. Or breakfast. Or lunch. Or anytime, really.

I ordered the lobster frittata because YOLO.

Lobster Fritata at Della's Kitchen in Vegas

Then Trish and me ordered a flight of mimosas – but they weren’t your typical mimosas, oh no. It was like a smorgasbord of mimosas! We could mix and match our mimosas! If The Pub in Prague taught me anything, it’s how much I enjoy pouring my own drinks.

Mimosas at Della's Kitchen, Vegas

Dick’s Last Resort

There’s absolutely nothing special about the food here—it’s all classic Americana. But it’s one of those trendy places where the bartenders openly insult you, and you’re basically abused at every turn.

“Where ya’ll from?” inquired the bartender.

“Canada,” we chirped.

“Oh, I love Canadian sluts,” he responded.

They did make darn good drinks though.

Lago at Bellagio

If you can get a spot at newly opened Lago, try to squeeze your way onto the deck overlooking the fountain show. Trish and me were so delirious with happiness, we considered throwing ourselves overboard and ending it all. Because some things just can’t be improved.

dining at Lago at Bellagio

We ordered cocktails and small plates (including a buttload of cheese) and took it all in. Life.

Cocktails at Lago, Bellagio


Oh sweet baby jesus. Lamp chops.

Vdara’s bar and lounge serves small plates of food, including lamb chops. They were so delicious I actually got emotional about it. I wish I were joking.

Lamp chops at Vice Versa Vdara

Waitress: “How are the lamb chops?”

Trish: “Candice cried.”

There were also mac ‘n cheese pops, and several Moscow Mules in a proper copper mug. We threatened so many times to steal the mugs, the manager came out and gave us some new ones.

“You don’t have to steal them,” he said sheepishly while handing over the mugs.


Everywhere else we ate on The Strip was classic American chain restaurants, like Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville (Trish is obsessed), and the Hard Rock Café because all I wanted in life was a platter of nachos. It’s worth it to point out that even in these places the service rocked – we even had a chance to request some Great Big Sea at the Hard Rock Café. (I don’t think they played it, though.)

 Vegas. Otherwise also known as the only place where I’d order seafood in a desert. Take me back.

  • December 14 2015

    This all looks so delicious and is a helpful post, because I’m going to Vegas next year!
    I want those lamb chops so bad! And your feature image. Whatever that beautiful concoction is I think I’ll need to get it.
    Brooklyn recently posted…The Christmas Tag

    • December 16 2015

      Oh god you’re going to LOVE IT. Also it’s a giant macaron! The only thing that’s better than a regular macaron.

  • December 15 2015

    That photo of you is perfect hahaha. I’ll be on the hunt for that perfect cocktail next time I’m in Vegas! It’s a 4 hour drive for me so I really need to plan a trip soon. I don’t really gamble but I sure as hell EAT so this needs to happen. Thanks for sharing :)
    Lauren Meshkin @BonVoyageLauren recently posted…My Top 3 Day Trips From Edinburgh!

    • December 16 2015

      AHHH you live so close! Jealous! I’d love to get back this year but it’s bit of a longer flight from Europe than from Canada, haha.

  • December 15 2015

    Whatever that chocolate-y Bardot delight is, I want to take it behind the middle school and get it pregnant.
    Kristin @ Camels & Chocolate recently posted…Caribbean Castaways: Fishing in the Bahamas

    • December 16 2015

      Giant macaron!!!! Only the best thing ever in the world

  • April 15 2016

    Sushi Samba is one that is pretty pricey but I cannot resist. It combines Japanese and Brazilian cousine. I highly recommend it :). Sushi and steak in one meal!!

    • April 27 2016

      Holy crap that sounds awesome

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