What’s it gonna take to be a sexy travel blogger?

I gotta tell you, all these “top sexy awesome travel bloggers” lists are making me feel quite left out. I’m hurt. Amid all this controversy over what constitutes a “sexy blogger,” and whether or not such posts are just ploys to gain traffic, I think you’re all missing one very good point.


Was I not the Hot Turkey Sandwich for Halloween?

I mean, I work out. I’ve got biceps thicker than your neck, and I can plank for a FULL minute. How about we arm wrestle?

Alright so I’ve got a beer gut that would put most 60-year old men to shame, but still.

So in light of keeping good humour circulating the travel blogging sphere, I thought I’d give you some food for thought. What makes someone sexy? Is it the ability to still look hot as balls after six days of not showering on the road? Is it a winning grin? Is it confidence?

And actually, who even cares? Why does everything need a point? Can’t we just have a good giggle every now and then without searching for an epiphany? It hurts my heart.

And maybe – just maybe – the next time you do a round-up, you’ll think of me. And this picture.

Because I blog in my underwear all the time. Just sayin’.

  • August 19 2012

    Dont worry….i think you will make on e of these lists one day.

  • October 02 2014

    I’m a huge fan of your blog! I’m in the planning stages of starting my own travel blog. Do you use mailchimp or aweber, or which do you recommend?

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