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Ways the pandemic has changed honeymoons

Switching it up a bit here this week with a guest post from Sandals Resorts! Fairly certain my first vacation out of lockdown will be a resort one. The beaches are calling. Enjoy!

Couples who were preparing to get married in 2020 have had quite the time. Thanks to a global pandemic, many couples had to alter their wedding plans in nearly every way imaginable. Those that did follow through with a ceremony (virtual or small private gathering) had another hurdle to face soon after—the honeymoon.

Most of the world was in some state of lockdown during the majority of 2020. Travel bans were plentiful, and restrictions were heavy. This meant that couples who had saved for years to enjoy an international honeymoon were suddenly out of luck and stuck at home. 

How did newlyweds handle this challenging time? Well, it seems that newly married couples attempted quite a few tactics to find a solution to their honeymoon woes. Let’s explore some of the ways these novel solutions (and the pandemic itself) have changed modern honeymooning.

Outdoor-Based Getaways Have Become More Popular

While the modern city’s urban landscape might have been a popular backdrop for the contemporary honeymoon pre-2020, it’s no longer trending. Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, fewer folks want to surround themselves with millions of people. 

Fresh air and open skies have flourished as people continue to abandon some of the larger cityscapes in favor of more rural environments. This sentiment holds for homeowners and renters as well as honeymooners.

So, instead of honeymoons in New York City, couples are booking vacations in Grenada and other spacious Caribbean destinations. When travel restrictions lift, you may see newly married couples heading out into the wilderness en masse. 

Two Moons Instead of One

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Why settle for one honeymoon when you can have two? That’s what some of today’s couples are thinking. After all, 2020 was a challenging year for nearly everyone. 

If you couldn’t have the honeymoon you wanted to have and instead settled for something cheaper and more manageable, you can still save toward a better and more exciting second honeymoon. Besides, your first honeymoon could be a relaxing, comfortable affair involving Netflix, pizza, and plenty of pajama time. 

Then, when you are ready to head out into the world, you’ll have more funds saved-up to enjoy yourselves! Of course, you could also decide to delay your honeymoon altogether.

Delayed Honeymoons Are Very Common

Some couples have gotten married but decided to postpone their honeymoon. This is a mature—although tough—decision. Most couples don’t want to delay celebrating their newly-minted partnership, so heading back to work the day after your wedding can be disheartening.

Still, many couples who’ve decided to postpone their romantic getaway also allow themselves a little time off after getting married to enjoy one another’s company. It’s not uncommon for the married couple of 2020 to have had a private ceremony, gone home, and lounged around in marital bliss for a week.

Naturally, couples that have opted for this solution may also be continuing to save money toward their eventual honeymoon. Consequently, by the time that they’re able to travel to their ideal destination, they may end up having a way better time than they would have had the pandemic never happened!

Extravagant Getaways Are Relatively Risky

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There’s nothing quite like a pandemic to make you a little scared of the world. American and Canadian citizens that were outside of the country when the first travel restrictions fell into place experienced a widespread panic and immediately began booking flights back home. 

In no small part, this was due to a warning issued by the State Department that all US citizens who could arrange travel home should do so immediately or risk becoming stranded in a foreign country indefinitely. Such warnings do not fade away lightly, and many couples have decided to opt-out of international, extravagant honeymoons altogether.

While such getaways aren’t necessarily riskier than domestic ones (though conditions vary by country and city), the perception of luxurious international honeymoons has changed since the start of 2020. Many couples view them as more risky than rewarding, though this feeling may change as vaccinations become more widespread.

Looking Ahead

As vaccines continue to be deployed and administered, we may see many of the COVID-19-related changes begin to reverse themselves. Travel to Europe, the Caribbean, South America, and the rest of the world may soon become available to United States citizens and travelers. 

Still, 2020 was a tumultuous year for couples, no matter their plans. Those who braved through and followed through with their wedding plans likely stuck close to home for their honeymoon.

But if you and your partner enjoyed a less-than-stellar honeymoon in 2020, you may be able to recapture the magic and experience a far better one in 2021 or beyond. All of the international destinations you’ve been dreaming of are still there, and the only thing stopping you is a little time, patience, and funding! Still, don’t be surprised if the trend of simpler, outdoor honeymoons continues to trend in the coming months—or even years.

Did you get married this past year? If so, how did you (or how will you) celebrate your honeymoon?

  • February 23 2021

    I agree with your views. 2020 was indeed a difficult year. Not just for honeymooners, the pandemic has generally changed the way people travelled. However, people braved on and kept the wheels of tourism churning.

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