Video: Ziplining at Marble Mountain

I don’t like heights.

I particularly don’t like zooming over massive gorges while being strapped to a line with only a harness.

But my day with Marble Zip Tours in Corner Brook was one of the highlights of my trip to the west coast, and I had a total blast. Maybe it was the epic views, maybe it was the lack of hangover, or maybe it was the hot as BALLS tour guides…but the day was perfect.

I’m no Spielberg, folks, and this video might make you a little dizzy…but check out how much fun I’m having. Whee!

The highest line is about 285 feet, and was the highest in Canada up until a few months ago.

(My favourite part is around 1:20 where the dude is waving at me from the top of the waterfall.)

If you ever make it out this way, the zip tour comes highly recommended!

  • September 19 2011

    The video looked just fine to me, Candice – I really enjoyed it (and I admire your courage)!
    I definitely think Spielberg should look into this, though… (Darth Vader + Zipline = box office GOLD)!

    • September 19 2011

      Holy Pete… what was I thinking here?!
      We’re gonna have to pull off Darth off that thing and send E.T. up there instead.

  • September 19 2011

    That looks amazing and scary, but more amazing than scary. I zip-lined on my cruise last summer in Haiti and I loved it. You look like you’re having a blast despite your fear. Rock on!
    PS- I could hardly understand the tour guide’s accent. Is that accent common up there? Super interesting.

    • September 21 2011

      Hehe, it’s not SUPER common but it’s a good example of a Newfoundland & Labrador accent! I love how he says “heights.” He was such a cool dude.

  • September 20 2011

    Awesome. I gotta do this.

  • September 20 2011

    Zipling is sooo much fun!!!

    • September 21 2011

      I know! Twas my first time.

  • September 20 2011

    Oh my god so many people there!

    Zip gliding is great fun, some awesome scenery there!

    • September 21 2011

      Yeah, it was a pretty busy tour! But so much fun.

  • September 21 2011

    Epic views. You certainly do seem to enjoy yourself. But I would cry. I would cry my eyes out. There’s no way. Jaysus.

  • March 13 2012
    Ryan Billard

    I’m just coming across this now!! Thanks for my 30 seconds of fame, PS i’m hoping that my accent sounds a lot worse on camera then in real life hahah!! Glad you had a good time with us this summer however. Cheers!

    • March 17 2012

      LOL! You were awesome, gave the perfect character to the video. Thanks Ryan!

  • June 28 2012

    Nice one! I also did the zip-lining last time I was home; my folks made it a gift for my 29th. The guys have done a really great job with those lines. I love that they leave one of the longest for the end, you really feel like you’re flying over that gorge.

    • July 04 2012

      I know eh?! the guides were hilarious. Loved them!

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