Video: The Canada Keep Exploring wrap-up (AND win stuff!)

I woke up today in Calgary to find snow falling all around the city. I figured it was an appropriate time to get some video editing done.

Here’s a little wrap-up. I don’t know why YouTube keeps choosing such unflattering photos of my face for these video thumbnails. Maybe it’s just my unflattering face.

AND win this Moleskin! I haven’t defiled it at all! Except that time I licked it. There may or may not be video evidence.

RT to win!

I want to win a Moleskin notebook from @candicewalsh & @Keep_Exploring

  • October 03 2012

    Candice, you ROCK! Someday, can I do the world as your camera-person-sidekick? That’d be swell… as long as you keep the side-kicking to a minimum (you’ve got a rep.)

  • October 03 2012

    “never ridden anything that big before” hahahaaa

  • October 04 2012

    Loved the video, Candice!
    I might’ve had to march behind a group of horses with stomach issues once.
    Just sayin’…

  • October 04 2012

    Great video! Horses+ mountains, yay.
    I’m not sure if I’ve ever seen a flattering you tube thumbnail of anyone :P

  • October 05 2012

    Woot! Canadian pride!

    It’s been a six or seven years since I’ve been to Alberta and Saskatchewan, and then it was just for a few days each. Your video shows me I definitely need to make a return trip soon to see the natural beauty. I have been to BC a couple times in the past year, and I find it really beautiful there.

    Looks like you had a really good time, and the video is great!

    • October 11 2012

      Thank ya, Marc! BC IS beautiful too. Loved it out there last year. :) Was literally speechless sometimes.

  • October 07 2012

    using the adverb “Super” is SO Canadian. Oh…you!

  • October 08 2012

    omg. so jealous. what an amazing experience. i want to ride a horse. heck, i’d be happy to just groom a horse. i miss horses. and cows.
    also, i am pretty sure that thanks to you nobody wants my brother to move to calgary more than me. i don’t even know where else janessa has applied for jobs. i don’t even care. i want to visit the in calgary. the end.

    (i’ve been to saskatoon only in january. and vancouver island in december. and maybe winnippeg once at christmas when i was a wee one. that is the extent of my explorations west of ontario. you are definitely making me want to change that.)

    • October 11 2012

      Yesss! That is my goal! To convince you all to be in one place! Muhahaha

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