Video: Kissing cod, kitchen parties, and stunning sunsets

Since investing in my t4i, I’ve been playing around with this whole video thing. And loving it. Failing miserably at it, but loving it. Seriously, YouTubers…you must have the patiences of saints. It takes me like, a full day to edit just one minute of video.

Here’s a little video from my road trip with Adventure Central.

Notes of interest:

0:05: Cod tongues are indeed real tongues of cod. Fry ’em up with scrunchions, and they are DELICIOUS.

0:32: The Screech-In ceremony is a fun little event to turn Come From Aways into honorary Newfoundlanders. It involves kissing a cod, downing a shot of Screech (rum), and repeating an oath. Some Newfoundlanders find it terribly offensive and not at all representative of NL culture. To them I say pull the stick out of your arse and live a little. Newfoundlanders don’t kiss cod and we rarely drink Screech…guess which one of us is laughing?

1:40: Yes, that is me busting a move.

2:16: The wine being sampled here is from Auk Island Winery. It is DELISH.

3:03: This is Peter Porter of The Olde Shoppe Museum. We went into this place being pessimistic about the whole experience, and left with HUGE smiles. Peter Porter is one of the most fantastic storytellers I’ve ever met. His voice is lyrical gold. He has a HUGE collection of some very rare items, including dishes and products from England that were found lost in the ocean.

Music for this video provided by Sherman Downey, one of my favourite local artists. Thanks, Mr. Downey!

Tonight I’ll be boarding a flight at 4 AM to head off to my next big adventure IN…check back tomorrow, and I’ll tell ya.

  • September 17 2012

    Glad you enjoyed your trip to my spot of the world!! Next time bring some more people I can screech in :)

  • September 18 2012

    Wow singing give me a home among the gum trees in Twillingate! You should do some trips downunder so we can give you a blasting rendition here. I spent a month trekking through Newfoundland and loved it! I would love to get back soon.

    • September 22 2012

      That song has been stuck in my head ever since the kitchen party! Ahh! Hahaha. NL is full of surprises :)

  • September 22 2012

    Excellent video :) Looks like you lot had quite the time! I want an ugly stick..

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