Three-line book review: Finding me in France, by Bobbi French

I didn’t even know there was another travel blogger from Newfoundland until an email showed up from Bobbi French. My initial thought was, there’s only room in this world for one Newfoundland blogger, beotch. And then I realized she’s fantastic.

I’ve been wary of reviewing books lately, as some steaming piles of dog doo-doo have made their way across my desk in the past couple of months. And my reading time is precious, right?

But I liked Bobbi’s style immediately. And her blog.

Quick synopsis: Bobbi is a former psychiatrist who gave up the glitz and glam of big pay cheques and dealing with crazy people to deal with crazier people in small-town France. Her and her husband sold their house and their possessions to settle on frugality and life unattached. “French details the unaccountable stumbling blocks and the unforeseen joys of her own awkward, frequently perplexing, always entertaining journey of discovery.”

Favourite quote (one of many): “Maybe I’ll miss Canada more than I anticipate. I’ll be sitting in a café in France, a pain du chocolat in one hand, a fine Chablis in the other, turn to Neil and say “Aww, remember when the Conservatives raised the Goods and Services Tax, slashed Planned Parenting funding and cut healthcare to the bone? Good times man, good times.”

Three-line review:

The sell-all-your-things-to-travel thing isn’t a new idea…the difference here is that French isn’t some shitty blogger. An awesome writer, actually. Snarky, and filled with self-deprecation. Bobbi is relatable, hysterical, loveable, and observant. I loved this book so much, I bought my mother a copy.

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  • August 29 2012

    Thanks missus. And book sales went through the friggin’ roof…

  • August 29 2012

    Love this book – started reading it because of your previous mention (on Twitter?). I’m 1/2 way through and just bought my sister a copy so that I can lend my copy to my friends!

  • September 01 2012

    Sounds like a good book, Candice. I have a long list at the moment (I’m currently plowing through another Jo Nesbo murder/police book), but I might have to add it to the list :)

    • September 12 2012

      I think you’d love it! She’s spunky just like you are.

  • September 02 2012

    Haha, wow. I love that quote! I feel the same way about Canada. I’m stuck here though so no one wants to read a book about that. Sounds like a good read and I’m glad to have another Canadian blogger to follow! :)

  • September 03 2012

    Sounds like something I would enjoy… I will add it to the wish list! (I promised my bank account I wouldn’t buy any more books until the pile of ‘unread’ disappears. 2 to go!!)

    • September 12 2012

      Hahaha. I should do the same. :-/ You’ll love it!

  • September 04 2012

    Even in 3 lines you make me want to read (or review) the book. Good job.And I agree – hate wasting time on marginal books.

    • September 12 2012

      Def! I encourage you to pick it up. Feels like it’d be right up your alley.

  • January 16 2013

    I just bought the book and I now I am reading about you on your website. Very interesting – an anxious traveller!

  • January 16 2013

    I just bought the book and I now I am reading about you on your website. Very interesting – an anxious traveller!

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