Things I loved about Quebec City

Chocolate sushi.

The love for all things winter, even if the rest of us hate it.

Drinking all of the beers at La Korrigane.

This rabbit crossing in Old Quebec.

The Old Town in general.

Benjo, the coolest toy store in the history of toy stores.

Squeaky cheese curds.

This mannequin who apparently had more to drink than I did.

Making new friends in church…over beers.

And finally, markets stocked with places like Le Monde des Bieres. The only French words I know by heart!

Thanks, Tryp Quebec Hotel PUR, for making this trip happen. I’m off to the Dominican Republic for a week of fun in the sun with some good friend and a few (dozen) margaritas.

  • April 30 2012

    I’m sure Quebec City ‘T’aimais trop’, Candice!
    Google translate assures me this is a compliment.
    I hope it can be trusted.

  • April 30 2012

    My favorites in this order-

    -The rabbit crossing–awwww…
    -Chocolate Sushi—- insanely yummy!
    -Drunk mannequin-ha ha ha ha!!


    • May 10 2012

      That mannequin KILLED me when I saw it, oh man

  • April 30 2012

    Haven’t been in years and I think I’m overdue to return. I do remember wonderful crepes and would like to try out the Food Train run by the owner of the cCirque du Soleil.

  • May 01 2012

    That drunk mannequin. Oh, Lordy.

    Chocolate sushi? Yes, please.

    Rabbit crossings? Great stuff.

    I need to visit this magical place.

    Thank you for sharing!

    Cathy Trails

  • May 06 2012

    How the hell have I not been to this city yet? Or Montreal. Lord, I am a crap traveler.

    • May 10 2012

      Ha! Let’s swap continents…but seriously, Montreal & Quebec City are both AMAZING.

  • May 09 2012

    Looks like a really cute old town. Love the idea of chocolate sushi, yum!

    • May 10 2012

      You should seriously go there! I think you’d love it!

  • May 14 2012

    Nice photos! Glad you liked Quebec City. I liked it when I visited as well. I really loved the old town :)

  • May 16 2012

    Mmm.. chocolate sushi looks good.

    • May 17 2012

      I didn’t even get to try any…

  • May 17 2012

    Oh my, the cheese curds! I’m drooling over here in Korea where I can rarely find any kind of cheese that doesn’t take like plastic :P

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