The Time I Sleepwalked in my Hotel

Before I tell you about the amazingness of Montreal and how I want to live here forever and ever (or at least a few months) and yes I am aware how often I say this…I have to share a story with you.

A few years ago when I first moved to St. John’s, I had this problem where after a few drinks, I started sleepwalking. I’d wake up in an entirely different place than where I fell asleep, wrapped in one of my roommate’s blankets, with no recollection of how I got there. This happened a few times, and then I assumed it stopped.

But Saturday night, I went out on the town with Cailin and her friend Kendra. We had a ridiculously fun time bar hopping on Crescent Street and St. Laurent, and then Cailin and I headed back to our hotel.

Fast forward a few hours where I’m suddenly snapped awake standing outside my hotel room in my itty-bitty pajamas. The door is locked. Cailin is passed out hardcore, and I have no idea how to get back in.

I’m panicking, no idea what to do. We’re staying at the freaking Omni, where guests do not exactly laugh about this kind of behaviour. I debate taking the elevator to the lobby, and then opt for the stairs because I figure there is less chance of me running into someone. Except we’re on the 19th floor, and about one floor down, I give up.

At that point I was tempted to sit outside the room and wait for daylight. And then I spotted the phone in the lobby, called the front desk, and someone came to let me in. I fumbled through some half-assed explanation about why I was standing in the hallway practically naked, but dude didn’t say a word. Ah, c’est la vie.

New traveller threat, perhaps? Hotel sleepwalking? Oy.

  • May 30 2011

    LOL, this is hilarious! Sorry you got caught outside the room that way. At least you don’t sleep naked.

    • June 03 2011

      Hahaha, SO glad I wasn’t sleeping naked.

  • May 30 2011

    Very funny, Candice!
    We want to hear more about Montreal! :)

  • May 30 2011

    of everyone I know, I think you’re the only person this would happen to. I’m still laughing over it ;D
    I did have a friend in Ottawa when I was little, though, who had some ridiculous sleepwalking stories from when her family went to Europe for awhile. Apparently if a chronic sleepwalker is put into an entirely knew environment, it’s Bad News Bears for her safety :o

    • June 03 2011

      Don’t worry, I’ve been using the deadbolt and the barred lock thingy since that all happened. ;) I’d have to be pretty lucid to work through all that…I hope.

  • May 30 2011

    I almost did just that on a family vacation to Thailand… luckily my parents caught me fumbling with the door and they led me back to bed without even waking me up. The last time I sleptwalk was a few years back when I pulled a double all-nighter at college (it’s called “architorture” for a reason). I fell asleep in my res and the next thing I know I was outside walking in the sunshine!

    • June 03 2011

      Lolll, omg! That freaks me out. Seriously hope that doesn’t happen again.

  • May 30 2011


    • June 03 2011

      Hehe, I had a good laugh about it too.

  • May 30 2011

    What a great story! It must have been pretty scary though, hope it doesn’t happen again.

    • June 03 2011

      It was more bewildering than anything! Haha. seriously hope it doesn’t happen again.

  • May 30 2011

    sometimes I tether myself to a random piece of furniture (I’ve never sleepwalked before, but safety first, right)!?
    Glad to hear your okay, Candice – but be careful… sounds like potential fuel for that paparazzi fire! :)

    • June 03 2011

      I should probably do that, tie my ankles to the bed or something, hahaha.

  • May 30 2011

    haha that’s hilarious!

    • June 03 2011

      :) thankfully it didn’t happen in TO.

  • May 30 2011

    Think of all the other things people have done while sleep walking — I’d say you lucked out!

    • June 03 2011

      AGREED. Let’s hope I didn’t go anywhere else…

  • May 31 2011

    Well, at least you weren’t sleeping naked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • May 31 2011

    A hahaha I so did not hear you banging on the door to get back in! I still feel like this was a dream! haha I was out cold!

  • June 01 2011

    wait…how itty bitty? :0

  • June 02 2011

    It seems you got off easy this time, Candice ;) I really hope you don’t have any more sleepwalking spells on your travels. But if you do, I’d be happy to read about them :)

    • June 03 2011

      Lol, I’m all worried now that I went further than just outside my room…hahaha. Oh dear.

  • June 06 2011

    Um….that’s a lot of beer!

  • June 11 2012

    This recently happened to me at a conference. After dinner and a few too many drinks with co-workers, I went to my hotel room around midnight. I called my husband to say goodnight and then called for a wake-up call. I must have then passed out with my clothes and shoes still on. The next thing I know a woman is asking me if I need help and I notice I am trying to open a big set of double doors that were locked (I later discovered it was the meeting room floor). I had no idea where I was and I got so scared I didn’t even say a word to the woman, I just took off running for the stairwell. I ran down to the lounge level and then searched my pockets for my room keycard; not finding it I started to panic about how to get back in my room. I finally decided to knock on my colleagues door (whose room was next to mine) as she had my extra key. Upon returning to our floor of the hotel I noticed that I had somehow flipped my deadbolt out so my door wasn’t even closed. When I entered my room I saw that it was 3am. It was a very strange experience, and pretty scary!

    • June 13 2012

      OMG. So glad I’m not alone. HILARIOUS! Someone needs to lock us up when we’re drinking.

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