The Time I Conquered My Fear of T-Rex in London, England

I used to be terrified of Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Correction, I’m absolutely petrified of T-Rex and everything associated with that savage, prehistoric beast.

It all started with goddamn Jurassic Park. I watched that movie when I was eight years old, and the image of that poor man being swallowed whole while on the toilet was just too much for me to handle.

Prior to Jurassic Park, I loved dinosaurs. The Land Before Time was my favourite movie, and I wanted a pet Brontosaurus. I’d draw Little Foot everywhere; it was adorable and maybe psychotic.

But after Jurassic Park, the nightmares started. Night after night, I was being stalked by a massive T-Rex. He was tearing up my neighbourhood, eating everything in his path and showing no mercy. I’d wake up sweating and crying, imbued with the reality that I could never actually face this fear.

Then, ‘lo and behold, I was thrilled and terrified to discover the giant Animatronic T-Rex waiting for me when visiting London’s Natural History Museum in 2007! There was my opportunity to move on with my life, at long last! It even had foul smelling dinosaur breath! Oh the insanity!



My meeting with T-Rex was anticlimactic. I mean, he was cool, but he kinda just swayed back and forth with his tiny little arms and his big menacing mouth. I stared that fear right in the eye, and I conquered it.

This was a time when I believed in hair perms and not exercising.

This was a time when I believed in hair perms and not exercising.

Even now, when I catch a glimpse of the movie, I’ll dream about it. I’m taking an extreme gamble just writing this post, my friends, because I may be awoken in the middle of the night with the image of T-Rex breathing down my neck. But it’s a risk I’m willing to take for my fans.

  • November 08 2010

    bahahahahah. best post ever. ;D

    (and, not gonna lie, when I saw jurassic park for the first time, in the theatre, I screamed like a baby and watched most of it through my fingers.)

  • November 08 2010

    My mind must be somewhere else. For some reason I thought you meant THIS T-Rex: (they are from London) which was followed by confusion until I read the blog lol. <3

    Saw the T-Rex when we were there – loved it!

  • November 10 2010

    That’s a completely plausible fear, despite T-Rex not being around anymore… they’re freakin scary! Not to make your imagination go crazy or anything, but I always used to freak myself out thinking “what if someone really made Jurassic park?” or “what if zombies HAPPENED?” Lol. I say used to, but…

    Anyway, that guy on the toilet… I know his niece (kinda) lol. I can assure you he is alive and well.

  • November 10 2010

    I’m surprised that little statue didn’t freak out you more! It looks downright SCARY!

  • November 10 2010

    That picture of you is awesome! I too have had irrational fears of dinosaurs coming to get me. Mostly based on seeing Jurassic Park at a young age.

  • November 10 2010

    It’s hard to believe that dinosaurs were around 60,000,000 years ago. LOL. I can’t even get my mind around that.

  • November 11 2010

    I feel for you on the Juarassic Park thing, I saw one bit when I was younger and my over active imagination started to make me paranoid.
    I didn’t watch the whole movie until I was over 18!!! (sad I know!)

  • November 12 2010

    Haha! It’s true, Jurassic Park was extremely scary as a child. I had no idea that there was actually an Animatronic T-Rex out there in the world! Sounds terrifying, but I’m happy to hear that it was not…

  • November 14 2010

    Awesome post! I was never really scared by Jurassic Park as a kid…. E.T on the other hand – I very nearly wet myself when he came on the screen!

  • November 15 2010

    God I’m glad I’m not alone in my fear of T-Rex!

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