The Republic of Doyle Song List: Season 2

Republic of Doyle is a pretty big deal in Newfoundland, and is usually the highlight of my Wednesday when I’m not doing other wild things, like organizing my sock drawer. I’ve been watching since episode 1 and I still get thrilled when I see them shooting on my street. I usually follow along on Twitter when a new episode airs, and more often than not, people will ask what the song selections are. Myself included.

So, because I have too much time on my hands and I’m trying to be a local hero, I sat here for the past two days with every Republic of Doyle episode from season 2 playing in the background while I worked away. Whenever I heard a song, I snatched up my iPhone and used my Sound Hound app to identify it. I probably missed some. Sue me. Or offer input.

(These are in no particular order.)

Mrs. McGrath – Bruce Springsteen
Dirty Old Town – The Pogues
Safe and Sound – Hawksley Workman
Jailbreak – ACDC
Spanish Stroll – Mink DeVille
Is This Love – Bob Marley cover by Damhnait Doyle
(Damn it, Damhnait! Your name is hard to spell. Thanks to Kevin Kelly for the update.)
(I have no idea who does this cover. Mara Hruby?)
White Wedding – Billy Idol
So Far Away – Dire Straits
Fisherman’s Blues – The Waterboys
(My absolute freaking favourite, the fiddle kills me. I’ve been playing it non-stop since I heard it…weeks ago, much to the dismay of my roommates.)
St. John’s Waltz – Ron Hynes
(Local favourite!)
Oh Yeah – Great Big Sea
(Theme song, substituted for other songs in some episodes.)
God’s Gonna Cut You Down – Jonny Cash

For my readers who don’t watch this P.I. show, may I direct you to a video montage of all the loveliest scenes from the show. You will book your next ticket to St. John’s, immediately. (You can also watch the show on the website.)

Alternatively, here’s a fun drinking game to play while watching: 1 shot for every time Lesley pouts and is a troubled, sweet angelic blonde; 2 shots for every time Lesley and Jake try to reconcile their differences but some misunderstanding gets in the way; and 3 shots for every time someone says “b’y.” You will get TANKED.

Republic of…Candice.

  • April 13 2011

    woohoo, watching it right now on Sky tv.
    jake’s brother christian, has just turned up.
    you know that the guy who plays jake’s dad is an irish actor?
    greetings from the peoples republic of cork!

    • April 13 2011

      Hahaha, love that you’re watching it! And no, I did not know that…he fits in well. :)

  • April 13 2011

    I’m falling so far behind on pop culture… it’s not cool.
    Maybe I’ll pretend I’m just too cool to notice… anything.
    That might be the ticket out of this.
    Probably not, though.

    • April 13 2011

      Don’t worry, I wouldn’t call anything that airs on CBC “pop culture.” But in my mind, it makes it more worthwhile to watch. :)

  • April 13 2011

    He’s pretty. So is the Republic of Candice!

  • April 13 2011

    I just started watching it this year, mainly for the scenery, but the music’s pretty good too…

    • April 15 2011

      I loooove the scenery…HD makes everything look fab.

  • April 14 2011

    I really need to get all caught up with this. Only seen a scattered episode, but always enjoy it…. bah, so much to catch up on, so little time! I should quit my job for a month to catch up on the rest of life, maybe…. ;D

    some good tunage, though! :D

  • April 14 2011

    Looks like a nice track list but I have actually never heard of the show before.

    • April 15 2011

      Not surprising, it’s a pretty big deal in Newfoundland, mostly. :) But you should definitely check it out!

  • April 14 2011

    Gotta admit I’ve never watched Republic of Doyle. I have this bad habit of writing off anything on CBC (except The Hour) as pretentious. But I’ve heard the show is really good, and that playlist sounds awesome.

    And don’t worry I already want book a ticket to St. John’s asap – I keep waiting for a good seat sale to come on.

    • April 15 2011

      Hehe yeah, a P.I. show isn’t typically my cup of tea, but it’s worth a view, at least. Check it out!

  • April 16 2011

    Thanks for the heads up on The Republic of Doyle. I’m going to check it out.

  • April 16 2011

    Where ever it is you’re standing to take that shot of the Republic Of Candice, I want to stand there too.

    • April 19 2011

      Nothing like good ‘ol Signal Hill! Love it.

  • April 16 2011

    Just been starting to watch it and lord love a duck, St. John’s is so darned pretty. My sister-in-law and her 12 year old son are HUGE fans and they’re both dying to make a trying to Newfoundland for that reason.

    Thanks for posting the song list; there were a couple I was wondering about and now I know!

    • April 19 2011

      LOL, lord love a duck, awesome! So cool what TV can do for tourism, hehe.

  • May 09 2011

    love this show!! just wondering what the song is that was playing when Jake and Christian stole the cop car? sounds like a good tune.

    • May 12 2011

      Any idea what episode that one is?

  • March 29 2012

    I need to apologize, I just started watching a week ago, thanks to netflix, I was able to watch season one, and two, in a couple of days. I have to say, I absolutely love and adore this show. I have passed it by on tv, I am sad to say. I am a fan.

  • May 26 2012

    Been watching ROD since it started on FOX in Australia.
    Addicted to the show & looking forward to season 3 when it starts here!
    Love the look of St John especially the multi-coloured houses. Must visit one day to check it out for myself!

  • October 29 2013

    thank you! I came here via searching because I wondered what mrs mcgrath was and now i know :)

  • October 29 2013

    thank you! I came here via searching because I wondered what mrs mcgrath was and now i know :)

  • February 20 2014
    Aaron Torio

    I’ve been binge watching season 2 and I love the song selection. Thanks for the list!

  • July 05 2014
    Carolyn Lane

    Love the music and was hoping their was a CD of the music on the show. Started watching on Acorn TV, then Hulu Plus and seasons 3,4,5 on U-Tube. Have also seen actor who plays Malachi Doyle on other British shows. Does make you want to take a trip to Newfoundland. Looked it up and it’s 1300 plus miles from me in Maine. Not too bad a trip.

    • July 10 2014

      You can totally do it! It’d be one heck of a road trip. :)

  • August 22 2014
    Charlee Boyett-Compo

    Add these to your drinking game; you choose the number of shots: Every time Jake winks and makes a clicking sound. Every time Jake pops his fingers. Every time Jake Jake gets a phone call (you’ll be an alcoholic in no time!). And every time Jake gets hit in the face. Or groin. Or over his head. Or thrown about. Or gets a punch to the gut. Or chases someone. Or drives backwards. Lordie, I love me some ROD!!!!

  • December 02 2014

    hi, your site are very cool and i watch ROD since 2 month :) here in germany came only the first 3 season , but i hope i can see the another 3 season, but i’m tired that season 6 are the last season ! ROD is very a cool serie

    • December 04 2014

      I LOVE that you’re watching all over the way over in Germany! How cool!

      • December 07 2014

        Thanks and yes, i love this serie and i love Allan Hawco.

        it ‘s just sad ending the series and there is no fan . And Allan, he continues in a new series ??

  • July 16 2016

    There’s another song, about the middle, when they’re planning to get Crocker and the kids are in the warehouse, folksy, too much sound over the song, people on the phone, sirens, I can’t make out most of the words but part of one line “was it walkin’ upon the sea that wore you….” I find no mention of it anywhere.

    • July 18 2016

      I’m afraid I don’t know that one, sorry Lorraine!

    • January 03 2017

      It’s Mrs. McGrath – Bruce Springsteen

  • July 16 2016

    Episode 13, Family business, the song in the middle.

  • September 09 2016

    White Wedding, Billy Idol not Billy Joel.

    • September 09 2016

      I cannot believe you’re the first person to pick up on that, Lol. Thanks!

  • January 03 2017

    I just came across this song called “I’m Shipping up to Boston” by the Dropkick Murphys, and I think this is what they used for background music… You know, when they show the town or like on the first scene of the first episode when Jake is chasing Des. Is this it?

    • January 04 2017

      Yep, pretty sure that’s it

  • March 24 2017
    Bridget Martin

    Watched Republic of Doyle in Dominican Republic. Netflix I think.
    Love the music. Discovered The Waterboys from the show. Fisherman’s Blues.
    Fun to read about filming. Allan Hawco seems very nice and is hardworking.

  • September 03 2017

    I found this website when trying to look for Christian & Ruby’s song! It’s played at the end of Season 6 Episode 6: The Pint. Does anyone knows what’s the song?

  • February 15 2018

    Thanks for doing this songlist! I am watching ROP via streaming, Netflix and Acorn. Love this show, such fun. And terrific music.

  • March 19 2018

    Binge this show on weekends. Love it! Beautiful scenery. Next trip is to the island.

  • October 16 2018
    Laurie Parker

    Candice, please help me! I’ve been binge watching this on Netflix, and one of the songs is stuck in my head, but I can’t identify it! I think it was in Season 3, but could be 2 or 4. It’s a melancholy song, sung by one man. Some of the lyrics are something like, “I will sail my ship into the harbor, and I will weather any storm,” though that’s not exact. Please help!

    • October 16 2018

      The only thing I can think of that might come close to that is Fisherman’s Blues by The Waterboys!

  • November 04 2018

    Best series. Have watched it twice over the past few years and working on a third. Have Newfi relatives on my wife’s side. Love them all, consider them my family. St Johns Newfoundland a wonderful place to visit and maybe live. Not so sure about being there in the winter, being from San Diego. Really like the show, the cast of characters, the story lines, and the scenery. Beautiful. Have visited twice. The last time was for the 200th Regetta. Was very disappointed when the series ended.

    • November 09 2018

      I think everyone in NL was disappointed as well! :) But happy to hear you’ve had a great time here. I agree, summer is best, haha.

  • August 21 2019

    Here it is 2019 and I’m watching ROD now on Netflix.
    You didn’t answer Mabel; she asked…
    “I found this website when trying to look for Christian & Ruby’s song! It’s played at the end of Season 6 Episode 6: The Pint. Does anyone knows what’s the song?”
    I’d like to know too!!

  • November 06 2019
    Mike Donovan

    In what song are the lyrics “Mr. Chin”?

  • December 02 2020
    John Laeson

    Just started watching this on Netflix in Ireland. Can’t believe I missed it when it was first shown over here.
    Sean McGinley (Malachy) is originally from about 30 away from where I live now. Mighty soundtrack.

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