The Cancun Count

It’s been a little more difficult to pick up a WiFi signal in Mexico than I thought, so I haven’t been able to seduce you with tales from the beach. I have been posting regular updates on my Facebook fan page though, and talking with people on Twitter.

My favourite response so far came from Peter West Carey:

It’s getting dark, almost time to start hearing about @candicewalsh @andrewghayes @MyMelange getting tanked yet still tweeting intelligibly.

That sounds about right.

Cancun beach

My view from the Royal Caribe.

In summary…

Drinks sampled: 401
Hotel changes: 2
Swim-up bars: 2
New friends: 6
Gorging food sessions: 23911341
Cute Mexican bartenders: 1
Excursions: 3
Happy Gingers: 1

More later!

  • January 28 2011

    Only 401 drinks sampled? what the hell is wrong with you!?!?! I would of expected waaaaaaay more from you Candice!!!
    Glad you are having a great time! :)

  • January 28 2011

    Sounds like your having an amazing time. The water looks amazing, I love pretty blue oceans.

  • January 28 2011

    Um yes…I want to blow that photograph and use it as wall paper in my bedroom. Not a photographer my ass.

    Ah…Mexican men…I could tell you a story or two…

  • January 29 2011

    Sounds fun!

  • January 29 2011

    I’ve been following your and Andy’s escapades in Cancun — love it! Sounds like the whole crowd of you had a fantastic time.

  • January 29 2011

    Fun idea for a post. Glad you had a great time. I missed a lot of it on Twitter, but looking forward to following up on Blog posts!

  • January 30 2011

    Haha, oh I friggin’ love it! Looking forward to your next update homez.

  • January 30 2011

    excellent summary… can’t wait for the stories ;D

  • January 30 2011

    I am back, and pining away for sunny skies! Sigh. More posts to come!

  • January 31 2011

    Only one cute bartender? You must have written this early on in your stay. I’m so glad you got to go!

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