Puffins and Roots Cellars in Elliston, Newfoundland – #SplitTheRock

In my quest to find an ideal location to buy a house and settle down someday with a million books and a few hundred cats, Elliston, Newfoundland, ranks pretty high up there. It’s got that small-town community feel that I adore.

One morning as we were being served breakfast at the Bird Island Inn, we mentioned to Charlotte the owner how we wanted to track down Cal Hayley. He’s the resident root cellar expert, and we wanted to chat with him.

Charlotte happened to glance out the window, and she gave a little start. “That’s Cal driving down the road now!” and she took off out the door to chase him. They eventually both came back, and we did indeed get our interview.

Then, when I left my underwear in my bedroom, she put them in a plastic bag and chased me down the street with them. She is a brave woman.

If you’re visiting, stay at the Bird Island Inn. My full ensuite came with a full view of the ocean, and a little berg drifting along minding its own business.

For food: Stop by Nanny’s Root Cellar Kitchen, at the recommendation of Charlotte. My fish cakes came with rhubarb chutney. That’s all you need to know.

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