Roadtrippin’ to Central Newfoundland with some good looking people

Remember mine and Corbin’s epic trip in Western Canada with Moose Network?

Remember that time I met Riley?

(Probably not, I haven’t blogged about it yet. Meet Riley.)

We all rendezvoused in Montreal this summer. I pretended to be a local and showed them around. I take full responsibility for their decision to move back there this fall.

I’m happy to welcome these Come From Aways on their first visit to Newfoundland. Screech shots and cod tongues for all!

I’ve already showed them a little bit of St. John’s love.

But over the next couple of days, we’ll be road tripping around Central Newfoundland with Adventure Central. We’ll be retracing the steps seen in Newfoundland Tourism’s epic Iceberg Alley commercials.


I’ll be the grown-up ginger!

We’re going to be visiting Twillingate, Fogo, the Change Islands, Terra Nova National Park. EVERYWHERE. Sorta. Kitchen parties, getting Corbin and Riley Screeched In, Newfoundland ponies, wine, art galleries. EPIC.

Will Candice get kicked by a pony? Will Corbin give up his life as a Canadian backpacker and settle down in Twillingate as a fisherman? Will Riley try COD TONGUES?

We’re singing I’se the B’y as I write this.

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  • September 07 2012

    Sounds like this could be a little dangerous:)

  • September 07 2012

    You know Candice, I am staying in the States for another year (yay!!) and I seriously think I should come to Newfoundland at some point next year. Looooovvvveeee the iceberg video!!!! Have I emphasized that enough.. ha ha!

    I do plan to travel to Canada definitely next year..Quebec City, Montreal and now..Newfoundland and you have a lot to do with it!

    • September 12 2012

      If you decide to hit up Canada next year, I will take full responsibility for your actions. :)

  • September 07 2012

    Sounds like a very fun trip! I’ll be waiting to read more. Candice, have you ever realized that in the top photo the cloud about your head looks like a halo? :)

    • September 12 2012

      Hahaha no, it IS a halo! We got to wear hats on our bus. It was awesome.

  • September 08 2012

    I expect to see pictures of you reenacting those ginger scenes.

    • September 12 2012

      Those scenes were harder to track down than we thought, sadly.

  • September 08 2012

    Have fun! All the places in that video look ah-mazing, so I’m totally jealous already!

  • September 10 2012

    I love Newfies… man they know how to party and show a person a good time!

  • September 11 2012

    I’m embarrassed to say that even though I’m from NS I’ve never been to NFLD, I’m definitely interested to see what you do.

    • September 12 2012

      You must get out here at some point! Oh what a road trip we’d have

  • September 11 2012

    I’m embarrassed to say that even though I’m from NS I’ve never been to NFLD, I’m definitely interested to see what you do.

  • September 11 2012
    Jessica Nielsen

    newfie fog cafe is awesome in twillingate. and i want to see pics from change island! and little harbour by twillingate is the coolest little harbour in NL, i think.

  • September 13 2012

    Love this! Newfoundland is on my bucket list. :)

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