All my favourite product recommendations for your travels – be that a long weekend, a two-week vacation, or a life of location independence.

Super Star Blogging

This is a travel blogging course from Nomadic Matt, one of the most successful bloggers in the world. It includes all the business details required for running a blog, as well as courses in writing, photography, and video.

Travel Blog Success is one of my absolute favourites! If you’re a newbie just starting out, this is the perfect course for you.

I consider Evernote crucial for planning blog posts, taking notes, and being organized. It’s free!

When I work on large projects with clients, I always use Asana. There’s nothing quite so satisfying as ticking an item off your to-do list.

I made the shift from Dreamhost to Siteground last year and I could NOT BE HAPPIER. Unreal customer service, fast responses, and my issues are always instantly resolved.

I absolutely love my Moo cards, and recommend the company to all of my friends and clients. Their cards are great quality, well packaged, and very reasonably priced.

This handy little thing keeps all your wires organized, perfect for keeping your portable office tidy!

I SWEAR by World Nomads. They’re affordable and they’re designed specifically for travellers, so they know the run-down on what happens on the road. Although I’ve had really great experiences with AMEX too — their customer service is unbeatable.

Long-term insurance? I went with Merit Travel for my year-long Germany trip on my youth mobility visa. This one is only applicable to Canadians, though. But it’s comprehensive and tends to be the go-to insurance for Canadians doing a work/travel program.

I almost exclusively use to book my flights (their prices are always cheapest), or Google Flights. My rule is to not book through third-party sites, but directly from the airline via websites like Skyscanner.

When you’re doing really convoluted flights, I LOVE FlightFox! Basically you put up your route with a price, and travel hackers will try to find you the perfect route. The person who succeeds wins your bid!

I’m a big fan of group travel, and I’ve travelled with Contiki twice now. They’re excellent at making things comfortable for those who haven’t travelled before. And if you use promo code PPCCWALSH, you’ll get $100 off any Contiki trip 7 days or longer.

I used Med Experiences to get around Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Croatia. Small group tours = the way to go!

Interested in a trip through the United States? I can’t recommend Trek America enough.

Easily the most fun you’ll ever have in your life. Read about my first trip here!

I use Hostelbookers (and sometimes Hostelworld) almost always for booking hostels.

Sign me through me and save $30+ on your first booking! Just click the image.

FlipKey is pretty much identical to Airbnb, except owned by TripAdvisor. You’ll also always have private accommodations. I’ve had great experiences with FlipKey!

I travelled through El Salvador and Guatemala with Leif, and it was an incredible experience. (And low budget!)

Boat rentals worldwide! I used this service in Germany and LOVED it.

Stay with locals around the world!

I traded in my bulky DSLR for this Canon PowerShot G1X Mark II Digital Camera – Wi-Fi Enabled and I haven’t looked back since. This little camera takes amazing photos and has the same functionality as the pros!

Can’t afford a GoPro? The Cube is an amazing substitute. The specs are quite similar, the size is smaller, and they’re just darned cute.

A waterproof housing that allows you to video all your underwater adventures.

As much as I sneer at eReaders, the Kindle Paperwhite has saved me on many a long trip without English books.

Osprey Farpoint 70 Backpack

I swear by this backpack. It’s my baby. It folds open like a suitcase. Unfortunately, not suited for trekking.

It would not be a stretch to say the DivaCup has changed my life. It’s a reusable menstrual cup that collects your flow and only needs to be changed every 12 hours. It’s completely non-messy, and I wouldn’t be able to live without it!

These purses are super great and safe for when you’re travelling in unknown destinations.

Although I’m quite addicted to my Dior Poison, these handy little portable perfume wipes take up far less space when you’re doing a quick trip.

I love my Tumi’s

PrAna is by far my favourite travel gear on the market.

Innovative travel gear! It’s a dress, skirt, maxi…AND it’s reversible.

Please note that some of these links are affiliates, which means I will make a small profit should you choose to purchase them via my links. This in no way unfluences my recommendations though – I only share the things I truly use and love.