Photo essay: The Canadian Rockies are blowing my mind

My friend Adam and I joked about how the Rockies are exhausting — not because of all the physical activity, but because you’re constantly in awe and shock every time you turn a corner. You roll down the car windows and stick your camera out and scream, “LOOK AT THAT MOUNTAIN ERMAGHERD!!!” It’ll happen five times in ten minutes and you’ll want to crawl into bed and sleep for years.

I spent a fair bit of time here last summer, but the Rockies never get old. I know I say “I could live here a lot” about many places, but there are a handful of Canadian places where I can truly see myself settling into: Newfoundland, Montreal, and the Banff/Calgary area.

Here’s why.

It’s really hard to get sick of Lake Louise, even when it’s crawling with tourists

A perfect reflection on Lake Louise

The autumn colours makes this feel so very Canadian.

Lake Moraine, my favourite

The view from the helicopter in Kananaskis County

  • September 28 2012

    Lovely shots…! Amazingly I have not been to Lake Louise / Banff yet…nor most of Alberta. Probably highest on my Canada ‘bucket list’!

  • September 28 2012

    I couldn’t agree more with the title, I am never leaving! I first saw the Rockies in 1999. I moved to Banff in 2002. I moved away in 2003. I got engaged in Jasper in 2008 and just moved to Jasper, again, in 2011. Seems like I cannot get too far away!

    • October 03 2012

      Amazing. Think I’m starting to feel that same pull. It’s hard to resist!

  • September 28 2012

    Wonderful photos of a beautiful area Candice! :D I definitely look forward to passing through the rockies again :)

  • September 28 2012

    These photos are amazing. I love the Rockies. The Canadian ones, the Montana ones, the Wyoming ones and the Colorado ones.

  • September 28 2012

    ERMAGHERD look at those mountains! Lawd, I feel faint. I’m so glad I’m not the only one who gets exhausted by gorgeous scenery. I nearly had a mental breakdown after driving along the northern California/southern Oregon coasts–so overwhelmed that I decided to drive up the Interstate instead cuz I couldn’t take anymore. Gorgeous photos, Candice. Brava!

    • October 03 2012

      LOL! That’s hilarious! I’d totally do the same thing

  • September 29 2012

    Great photos and inspiring images. Has to be a place to visit.

  • September 30 2012

    Absolutely mind blowing. I don’t think I’d get anything done. I’d just be to busy staring and being amazed. It would take me eons to get anywhere.

    • October 03 2012

      Yup, story of my LIFE! How can you stay inside when there’s THIS outside?!

  • October 01 2012

    *drools* It is SO beautiful. I love Canada. Really. Its so Great. And what INCREDIBLE photos! Great job of capturing the serenity of the region!

  • October 01 2012

    These are beautiful photos. That one of Lake Morraine looks like it could be in National Geographic.

    • October 03 2012

      Aww, thanks Alouise! I’ll be in your domain on Friday…not sure if I have a lot of time, but if I do, we should meet up!

  • October 04 2012

    Wow! I love the Colorado Rockies, but I had no idea the Canadian Rockies were such stunners as well. I love the colors!

  • October 04 2012

    You have always wanted to make me go to Lake Moraine! On my list.

  • October 05 2012

    Incredible photos Candice. I have always put off the Rockies because I’m not much of a hiker but I need to get there soon!

    • October 11 2012

      Thanks Ayngelina, means a lot coming from a fab photographer like you!

  • October 09 2012

    Wow, amazing landscape indeed.

  • October 09 2012

    Gorgeous! And you are so right – those views are exhausting! Overload!!!!

  • October 15 2012
    Rachel MacNeil

    Incredible! Pictures like those are pretty much the main reason I’m seriously considering the Calgary area over Halifax! Decisions decisions… :)

  • November 05 2012

    These photos are gorgeous! I’m trying to plan a trip there in spring 2013. What month do you suggest to see lots of flowers?

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