Photo essay: Prague, a tour

Whenever I revisit my photos from my Contiki trip to Prague, I sit back and think damn, I’m an excellent photographer. Not so. It’s easy to be a fantastic photographer in one of the prettiest cities I’ve ever seen.

(As a side note, I recently picked up the Canon t4i, so expect more photos and videos soon.)

Here are some of my faves!

On Canada Day, we rented paddle boats and floated down the Vltava river. It was the most fun ever.

On the Charles Bridge, touching the statue of St. John of Nepomuk and making three wishes apparently makes them come true. I’m still waiting on my gold chariot flanked by muscly Romans in loincloths, though.

One of my faves. No idea what that weird balloon is. But I love it.

This area is known as Little Venice…for obvious reasons.

Our walk back through the Castle District. I love that a Castle District exists.

Prague remained remarkably preserved after World War II. Many of these old red-roofed homes and buildings have made it through some pretty crazy stuff. This is one of the rare rooftop restaurants. I’m not allowed to tell you where it is.

St. Vitus Cathedral in all its dark glory.

The changing of the guard in Prague. I had the hots for the dude on the left. I feel like he’s staring into my soul.

The Lennon Wall. Used to tick off the communists because the Czech people would air their issues on the wall, but as soon as it was painted over by authorities, the following day Beatles song lyrics and imagery would be back in full force.

In No Man’s Land, a rather spooky amusement park area on the Czech border. During communism, the Czech people would come here for a summer retreat as they couldn’t go elsewhere.


  • August 31 2012

    Fantastic photos! You really learned a lot of the history while there. I lived in Prague for a year and half and absolutely loved the city and its history. (It’s those eastern European winters that did me in.) A great trip down memory lane. Cheers Candice!

    • September 12 2012

      Glad you loved it! I’d like to spend a year in Eastern Europe somewhere, winters and all.

  • August 31 2012

    So freaking wonderful. I should have visited Prague when it was warmer to walk around more! Dayumm! going back though! Did you write on the Lennon wall??

    Cathy Trails

    • September 12 2012

      I did! I think I signed my name. Or something equally lame. Hard to be poetic in a rush. :(

  • August 31 2012
    Wanderlust Megan

    Beautiful photos, I can see myself spending hours walking around, getting lost.

  • August 31 2012

    Great pics Candice!

  • August 31 2012

    Beautiful photos and that is definitely a soul-gazing stare from the dude on the left!

  • August 31 2012

    How can I have been to Prague twice and not heard of the Lennon Wall?! Clearly my Czech friend is not a good guide (but she gets kudos because when she was a kid her dad used to make her go up on the roof and shout ‘f*ck the communists!’

    • September 12 2012

      Hahaha! Chalk it up to that classic phenomena of taking for granted all the cool stuff in your own hometown. Next time!

  • September 01 2012

    oh, Prague, my all time favourite city! amazing pictures!

  • September 01 2012

    Great photos. Make me look forward to my trip to Prague next week.

    • September 12 2012

      Ooh, let me know how it goes :)

      • September 29 2012

        Had a great time in Prague. So glad I went despite the ban on alcohol over 20% proof. Also took visited Bratislava which I can recommend.

  • September 01 2012

    Awesome photos, Candice! Prague is no doubt one of the nicest and most photogenic cities in Europe.

  • September 01 2012
    Rebecca and the World

    Great pics!

  • September 02 2012

    Awesome photos! Fun commentary! Also, I looooove Prague. Many more ‘o’s are required to fully convey my love.

  • September 03 2012

    That man on the left IS hot ;)

    Also, your wish won’t come true now that you’ve revealed what it is! Shame, I was looking forward to a photo essay on muscly Roman men in loincloths :'(

    p.s. on a Prague-related note, I LOVE the city. It’s just so photogenic and feels like its straight from a fairy tale with its pretty pastels and ye olde architecture.

    • September 12 2012

      Hahahahaha. Dammit! I wanted that chariot.

      I agree with the pretty pastels. Such a fairytale land.

  • September 03 2012

    Awesome shots Candice! Don’t lie, the guard was staring at your boobs

    • September 03 2012

      Ha! Truth be told, I would let him stare at my boobs, too. Good eye, Candice (both for finding perfect photo shots and attractive guards).

  • September 03 2012

    Fanfrickintastic photos. Love the castleness :) beautiful looking place!

  • September 03 2012

    Love the ballon and statue pic, trippy!

  • September 04 2012

    Wonderful photos Candice – nice catch of the balloon.

  • September 04 2012

    Beautiful photos, Candice…
    you are going to rock the *beep* out of that t4i.

  • September 06 2012


  • September 06 2012

    Everyone who has been to Prague raves about it, it may be time that I get myself over there.

  • September 26 2012

    looks like such a great time! I heard prague is beautiful! cant wait to go

  • November 07 2012

    Fabulous shots! I still remember seeing you on the bridge and you had disappeared before I could say hello.

  • November 28 2012

    Prague is a beautiful city. Your pictures bring back great memories.

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