Photo Essay: Cruising around Connemara, Ireland

For me, Connemara was the most beautiful part of Ireland. I drove through the area twice, and lucked out both times with the weather.

Foggy, wet, grey Ireland? Forget that. IRELAND IS DREAMY.

I love these stark, sparse landscapes of Ireland. Not a tourist shop to taint the horizon. Just sheep and a few trees bent sideways by the wind.


Cottage dreams.


Julia came to visit me! The “Caution” says it all. We took a little road trip with my lovely Couchsurfing host, Richy.


Connemara castle

Aughnanure Castle, built in the 16th Century.


The winding staircase in Aughnanure Castle, which Julia had great difficulty ascending thanks to its windowless curves.


Richy took Julia and I out to some top secret Connemara destinations which I am not at liberty to discuss with anyone, ever.

Connemara in Galway

Waterfall heaven.

A week earlier, Scott and I started driving west of Ballina, into Connemara, and we found this pretty peaceful lake. There was a dude burning brush by the side of the road. The flames kept getting higher but we ignored them and continued taking photos. Then we climbed back into the car and started driving, only to meet firetrucks on their way to put out the blaze. I love that we were happily snapping photos while this poor guy was probably panicking over burning down Ireland.


We basically drove into this place by accident. I’m glad we did.


Connemara sheep

Look at all the sheeple!

Ever been to Connemara? What did I miss?

  • March 28 2014
    Trusted Traveller

    Great shots Candice! How lucky were you with that awesome weather, it’s almost unbelievable!

    • April 08 2014

      SERIOUSLY! It was unreal. People kept joking about how I was a weather fairy.

  • March 31 2014

    Amazing place. Galway was my fav town in Ireland. Had a great night at Kings Head pub. I really liked how everyone hung out at the parks and along the shore. I had an incredible jog along the boardwalk too.

    • March 31 2014

      totally agree! I loved Galways and the Kings Head Pub… no matter what different pubs we started at it always ended up at the Kings Head!

    • April 08 2014

      I spent a few weeks there, LOVED it! Think I hit up just about every pub there, ahaha.

  • March 31 2014

    these photos are so Irish! Im jealous! what a great trip

  • April 27 2014
    Suki F

    I loved all
    of those photos but, that cottage looks like the house of my dreams.

  • May 02 2014
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