Photo essay: Being badass in Budapest

Budapest surprised the heck out of me. It didn’t feel like a tourist trap compared to other European cities, and I loved the “grittiness” of it all…perhaps because Hungary is still slightly recovering from being under Soviet occupation.

I can’t wrap my head around the fact that the Revolutions of 1989 happened just over 20 years ago, and the Soviet military occupation of Hungary ended in 1992. In MY lifetime. People MY age saw the oppression. I am thankful for not being able to wrap my head around it.

Here’s a lighter take on the whole thing.

Hanging out at Szechenyi Bath. I was so hungover from the ruin pubs the night before, I forgot to bring my bathing suit and had to wear the trunks belonging to one of the SundayFundayz boys. I swear I didn’t do it on purpose.

This seems to be a trend for Contiki trips, actually — in Machu Picchu, I had to borrow Corrado’s briefs for the hot springs because I couldn’t find my bikini bottoms.

We met some friendly Brits on a stag party here, while scoping out sexy Hungarians who weren’t actually all that sexy. Other than that, we were confused about 90% of the time.

During our downtime, a few of us headed to a park to lounge around and take in our surroundings. One of our guides, Nikki, ended up being woed by a homeless man who kept planting trees beside her. He’d grin all happily as he secured his love offering with dirt. We’d smile back while quietly praying he wouldn’t shoot us.

We were a little hungover. Not long after, we wandered into a McDonald’s for some greasy anecdote, but Natalie got us kicked out because she started doing push-ups in the middle of the restaurant. (The SundayFundayz boys had a rule that if anyone said the words “ten” or “mine” they would have to drop and do 10 push-ups. Their version of keeping fit on the road.)

Touring the Parliament Building bright and early in the AM.

I’m not usually too impressed by architecture, but I did love this place.

Amazing Budapest.

Heroes’ Square, honouring Hungary’s historic political leaders. It was also the site of peaceful protests demanding Soviet withdrawal.

The Parliament Building all lit up from the Danube, where we had dinner and a cruise. And a live DJ on board. So baller.

Bye-bye, beautiful Budapest! I miss your face.

  • November 15 2012

    I’m glad you liked Budapest. It’s fine but actually not the best of East European cities. I keep comming back there since 2004 and I can see that recently, due to the financial crisis it’s getting worse and worse there, unfortunately. Too bad as it’s such a beautiful place!

    • November 19 2012

      I can hardly compare to other Eastern European cities, as I’ve barely touched the tip of the iceberg! But I do hope to get back.

  • November 15 2012

    Not at all what I had pictured Budapest like in my head! Very nice architecture. The baths seem a little weird to me… and to have a stag party at one?

    • November 19 2012

      Hahaha, they were interesting for sure. And no, the stag party was just visiting and decided to swing by the Baths…I did see other stags dressed up in full stag wear, though.

  • November 15 2012

    Still have a dream to cycle from Budapest through Slovakia and into Poland. This city has captured my imagination for a very long time.

    • November 19 2012

      That sounds AMAZING. Would love to do Poland, especially.

  • November 15 2012
    Jennifer M.

    By any chance were you in Vancouver, BC a couple of days ago? I saw somebody walking on Georgia Street who looked exactly like you, but I was too shy to ask, because it probably wasn’t you and that would have been super ackward. So instead I’m going to leave an ackward comment on your blog. :)

    • November 19 2012

      Bahaha, no, I was not! But that’s hilarious. My friend was recently in Brazil and found my doppleganger…and discreetly took pics of her. The resemblance was pretty uncanny.

  • November 15 2012

    Budapest is so incredibly gorgeous! One of those cities you could always return to and find something new to love about it! Glad you liked it!

  • November 15 2012
    Kathy CW

    The last photo – I have the exact same shot :) loves a drop of Borsodi!

  • November 16 2012
    Ashley of Ashley Abroad

    I’ve been looking up flights to go to Budapest recently and this post makes me want to go even more! Also thank you for sharing the Sunday Fundayz, they’re hilarious.

    • November 19 2012

      Hahaha, aren’t their videos the best? I love them

  • November 17 2012
    Ishwinder Kaur

    the pictures look great!

  • November 18 2012

    LE SIGH. I miss it SO much!

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