Peru in a few short words

I can barely process everything I’ve done these past few days. It’s overwhelming, and I still have 4 days left! Tomorrow we’re off to Brazil. No big deal, just country hopping to Iguassu Falls.

But Peru has been amazing, and as I had hoped, this guided tour with Contiki is serving as a sort of gateway into South America. If I weren’t here with about 30 awesome new friends, I don’t think I’d be so happy.

I’ll have a million stories to tell when I get back, but here’s Peru in a few short highlights.

-Watched the sun rise over Machu Picchu. Arrived literally within 5 minutes of the clouds parting and the whole site being revealed. I still think it’s an elaborate postcard set up to look like a real site, because how can anything this incredible be real? Yes, I cried.


-Was blessed by a shaman in Pisac…not the usual male company I keep on a Saturday night. He asked that I set an intention and I did. The ceremony was followed by hugs from everyone in the group. I don’t think I’ve ever gone to bed feeling happier.

-Descended about 394039403 ancient Inca steps in Pisac, while listening to a boy play some Simon & Garfunkel on his flute. “Sound of Silence” is universal.

-Rode a llama.

Added to my collection of “weird things I like to ride.”

-Attempted to eat guinea pig (cuy), but wimped out due to my stomach bug not allowing me to actually eat ANYTHING.

-Drank too many Pisco Sours.

-Spent a million soles at a market in Cusco, which actually amounts to about $10 Canadian.

Cusco rocks.

-Got lost in Lima, developed a love for Inca Kola and ceviche.

-Went whitewater rafting, and the guide pushed me into frigid glacial waters at least three times. Laughed a lot. Swallowed some dirty water. Probably explains stomach bug.

-Wore a male friend’s briefs in the hot springs while drinking Pisco Sours at Machu Picchu because I lost my bikini bottoms. Decided I’m definitely a briefs girl.

The best is yet to come!

  • September 27 2011

    Oh Peru!!! Your photos bring back so many good memories from my time there :D

    • October 03 2011

      Agh, I need to go back so I can go sandboarding and check out Lake Titicaca!

  • September 27 2011

    Oh my goodness, that 1st photo… just… wow! I am in awe. Need to go there. Now.

  • September 27 2011

    Sounds like you’re having a blast. Machu Picchu looks amazing!

  • September 27 2011

    Wooow it all sounds amazing. I’m entirely jealous :p

    Hope you have even more fun in Brazil!

    • October 03 2011

      Thanks, Seattle! Didn’t make it to Brazil, unfortunately. :( Le sigh.

  • September 27 2011

    Wow. Sounds amazing! Looks like u are having the BEST time! What fabulous memories you will have from this trip!!

    • October 03 2011

      Thanks Tracey, they’re definitely unforgettable!

  • September 28 2011

    Very awesome trip so far, it would appear. Not sure if jazz is your thing, but this is one of my very favorite tunes by the great drummer Tony Williams, appropriately entitled “Machu Picchu”…I wonder if it wold have been appropriate background music for you as the clouds parted:

    Hope we are able to make that connection in St. John’s happen next week so that we can hear all about this trip in person. :-)

    • October 03 2011

      So many stories to tell! Hahaha. Thank you for the music! It will be my personal theme song.

  • September 28 2011

    I swear, Candice – you do more in five days than I do in five years – incredible!
    Hahaha… love your superheroesque pose on that llama, too. I think you need a theme song!

    • October 03 2011

      Well, it was an exceptional amount of things to pack into 9 days, hahaha. I remember being onto day 3 and I was like…HOLY CRAP there’s still so many days left!! Haha. I do need a theme song! Make one!

  • September 28 2011

    Peru sounds fantastic. And that first photo is crazy beautiful.

  • September 29 2011

    this trip sounds so epic! Can’t believe the adventures you’re having :) But I totally believe you cried when you saw Machu Picchu ;)
    I’m most jealous that you got to ride a llama. I didn’t even know that was a thing. I totally want to do that now ;p

    • October 03 2011

      We should start an alpaca farm. Let’s do it.

      • October 03 2011

        totally. they make the most amazing wool.

  • September 29 2011

    loved it! I feel it really reflects and captures the highlights Peru has to offer. My family is originally from Peru so I’ve been going back and forth since… well, since I can remember, and I haven’t had the guts to try cuy yet (hubs did…)

  • September 29 2011

    and OMG, Inca cola rocks, even if it does glow in the dark

    • October 03 2011

      Peru totally took me by surprise, in a good way! So much history and unbelievable landscapes. I cannot tell you how much I’m missing the Inca Kola right now.

  • September 29 2011

    Peru, Uruguay and Belize are all in my itinerary once I have enough money to hit down south… Great pictures…

  • October 19 2011

    Peru has captivated so many travelers, including me, since long time ago. I have put it in my top travel list since I started to love traveling. I’ve read people’s stories about how much Machu Picchu has changed them. They returned as different persons, better ones! Cool post!

    • October 20 2011

      Thanks, Bama! If you ever get a chance, GO GO GO!

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