Packing cubes will make your life a million times easier

Remember how lousy of a backpacker I am? There are a few items I travel with that help make my life less of a disaster, and they’re called PACKING CUBES. They’re like little containers of happiness for unorganized, messy creative souls like myself. Or, like, people in general.

“Packing cubes” don’t seem to be a term generally used in Canada. I remember walking into a Mountain Equipment Co-Op and asking for some, and the store clerk looked at me like I had three heads. “I don’t know what those are,” he admitted. And neither did most of my friends. Maybe they’re called something else in Canada. We’re weird like that.

What are packing cubes? They’re breathable fabric containers used to separate and organize your gear. I use Lewis N Clark packing cubes from the Featherlight collection, because, as you might have guessed, they’re feather-light. And pretty. As someone pointed out, they match my bedspread smashingly.

The full collection comes with a cube for wires and gear, a small cube for socks or undies, an expandable cube for whatevs, and a cube for toiletries. I especially LOVE the expandable cube. You’d be surprised how much fits into that baby. I’ll never have to go rooting around the bottom of my backpack for a tank top again. (But oh my god do I ever miss digging around my backpack for tank tops to keep me cool in hot Mediterranean temperatures. I wonder how many wool socks I can fit.)

Lewis Clark expandable cubes

Just to show you how nicely they fit into any size pack, I’ve used them to store my unmentionables this weekend on my trip home for Thanksgiving. PRECIOUS.

Lewis Clark packing cubes in backpack

Do you use packing cubes?

  • October 11 2014

    Those cubes look great Candice. Very stylish yet functional.

    I use individually labeled zip-loc bags as a sorting mechanism for my toiletries and all my electronic equipment. Prevents any shampoo incidents (learned that the hard way once before). And makes finding the right cable or battery that much quicker.

    Now if only we could not worry about getting dinged for carry-on or checked bags.

    • October 13 2014

      Yeah! I’ve always used ziploc baggies for toiletries, etc. They’re handy too.

  • October 11 2014

    We started using packing cells on this current trip and can’t believe it took us so long to discover. Makes life a hell of a lot easier!

    • October 13 2014

      Seriously! Same! I’m a disastrous packer.

  • October 11 2014

    Yes I use the Eagle Creek packing cubes – I have three of them plus one small REI one (bought while in the U.S.) for toiletries. I would like to get one for all my chargers and cords as well. I use a soft sided suitcase rather than a backpack but it still helps me to organize. I only got into them last year – love them!!!!

    • October 13 2014

      I hear Eagle Creek is a good brand as well! I’ve been actually using the chargers and cords cube for sock storage, haha. But when I’m travelling longer term I’m sure it’ll come in handy.

  • October 13 2014

    Those look awesome, I could have used something like that this weekend… we tried to travel with just two carry-ons. Didn’t happen.

    • October 14 2014

      Hahaha. I fail spectacularly with carry-ons.

  • October 17 2014

    WHAT. I’ve never heard of these! Gotta get me some… hope they’re not too pricey!

  • October 29 2014

    Imagine having those in the 1803. The real Lewis and Clark took 29 people along to carry things.