Turning a blog into a business

I’ve tried just about very blogging course under the sun by now and although I’m still not bathing in dollar bills (I’m totally not business minded in the slightest and it’s killing me), Nomadic Matt’s new travel blogging course really, really, really tackles the business side of things in a way that makes sense to me. And considering all the success he’s had, I’m inclined to follow every word of it.

Making the move to full-time blogging

My income comes from a very diverse stream. Some of it comes from blogging, but more often than not, I rely on freelance gigs and copywriting contracts. These things do tend to pay well, but having to track down payments is a pain in the ass. There was a period of three months last year where I was owed thousands of dollars, and not a single client was paying up.

So the decision to make the switch to turn FreeCandie.com into a totally sustainable business came easy for me. The actual process is a lot more difficult, and it’s something I’m still working on.

IMO, it’s best to start the Superstar Blogging course before you’ve even set up a website, or before you have much material written. Matt takes you through the earliest stages so you can start off on the right foot. Hint: the more specific the niche, the better.

ON THE OTHER HAND, it’s easy to jump around the course. I could easily skip the first few sections about getting started and dive into the “fun” SEO and traffic stuff, for example.

How Superstar Blogging works

Students can enrol in the Superstar Blogging course and have lifetime access. Plus there’s a really great Facebook discussion group where no question is out of bounds.

Work your way through the course at your own pace. Be diligent in completing the assigned homework. Matt isn’t there to critique your work, but you can always get feedback from your fellow students. I love Matt’s “unconventional” wisdom the most — he’s sworn off press trips and sponsored stories entirely, for example, and his reasons for doing so make a lot of sense.

Embrace the necessary evils

Matt’s entire newsletter section is probably the most useful and informative thing I’ve ever read. Because I hate newsletters, but that doesn’t mean everyone else does.

This took a long time for me to understand. I’ve still got a long ways to go with crafting the perfect newsletter, and being disciplined about getting it out there on time. But since I’ve become more diligent, my subscribers list has nearly tripled.

There’s also a fairly hefty section on SEO, which is a necessary evil if you’re hoping to succeed like Matt has.

Give it time

Granted, I’ve been doing this for a loooong time. Like, Free Candie (Candice Does the World) has been around for seven years already. That’s CRAY.

But I never really used my blog as a biz before; it’s always been about showcasing my writing and using my stuff as a portfolio. Now, however, I feel it’s time to set out on my own. Become untethered, if you will.

Matt talks a lot about the importance of designing products for your readers, and giving back to them somehow. That’s why I’m now working harder than ever to complete my guides, even if it means never leaving this basement apartment pretty much ever.

Sign up with Superstar Blogging if you want to:

  • Become your own boss and give the rest of the world the middle finger
  • Learn how to manage your own business
  • Learn the secrets of the trade from someone who’s doing it really, really well

You get a lot of benefits with the course as well, including monthly webinars, expert interviews, and free themes from WooThemes for your own blog.

If you check out the link above, I will get a commission, by the way. But at no extra cost to you.

  • March 06 2016

    I am forever grateful you introduced me to Clever Travel Companion!

    • March 08 2016

      They’re so gosh darned COMFY

  • March 06 2016

    I am forever greatful you introduced me to Clever Travel Companion!

  • March 06 2016

    Leggings with pockets THAT HAVE ZIPS?! Life is complete.
    LC recently posted…Dinner With a View: Duck and Waffle in London

    • March 08 2016

      So so so so incredibly useful haha

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