My summer travel must-haves

It’s been a frigid summer so far in St. John’s, and I’m looking forward to some European sun in a few weeks. I move to Berlin on August 2nd, then hop on a flight to Ireland on August 8th to revisit my favourite place in the world – Sligo! I’ll be there for the Fleadh Cheoil music festival, and then I’m travelling onwards to Croatia because THE YACHT WEEK! Yup, remember that time I fell off a boat, beat up my face, murdered my knees, but still had the BEST TIME OF MY LIFE? I did such a good job convincing my friend Shaun to hop on a yacht, I convinced myself in the process. So I perused the Crew Finder webpage, messaged a random person, and now I find myself sailing for one week on a catamaran with 12 strangers. Because LIFE.

Okay, wow. So this post isn’t actually about that at all.

What am I bringing with me for the big move abroad? These are my summer travel must-haves.


Any of my friends will tell you that I have a signature perfume. I am absolutely bloody dedicated to Dior Poison, and should the perfume ever go out of business, I’m screwed. I’m OBSESSED with it. It’s me.

However, the bulky bottle is a pain in the ass for short trips. That’s why I’ve started using Pinrose perfume wipes. They come in these adorable little petal packs of different scents, and you wipe them on your pressure points as you would a baby wipe. (I mean you wouldn’t put a baby wipe on a pressure point but yeah…you know what I mean.)

It’s no Dior Poison, but Pinrose is SO good for travelling…especially when you’re travelling carry-on. Plus you can switch up the scents daily, and take their scent quiz just for fun to find out what might work best for you. Also because if you’re a narcissist like I am you’ll like congratulating yourself on your awesome personality traits.


Ever since I picked up an expensive pair of sunglasses last year in Montenegro I’ve sworn myself off the cheap drugstore brands. Of course, as is my habit of losing everything I love, those sunglasses went missing. Tumi reached out and offered me two pairs, and bewilderingly, I haven’t lost either one yet. They’ve travelled all over the USA with me, as well as Central America. I still have them. Omg.

Let me tell you a story. Back in high school I hated my glasses so much that I wore contacts constantly. So much so that by my university years I wouldn’t leave my dorm room without my contacts in, and sometimes I’d sleep with them in for days on end (I drank a lot). My eyes got messed up, I nearly went blind, and then I had to wear glasses forever…until my Lasik eye surgery. The bottom-line here, folks, is PROTECT YOUR EYEBALLS. You don’t even know the damage you’re doing to them, usually. UV protection is important, and you’re probably not gonna get that with a $5 pair. They also come in a really handy and compact travel case.


I’m obsessed with maxi dresses because they have the lovely habit of concealing rolls and unnecessary curves. Encircled’s Chameleon Maxi is designed specifically for travellers, and can be worn EIGHT different ways. It’s reversible, with two different colours, and can be worn as a short skirt, a midi skirt, or a maxi skirt, or a strapless dress.

Personally, I prefer wearing it as a maxi skirt or a dress. The mini skirt was too bulky for me, and also I lost the string in the bottom of the maxi so I couldn’t tighten it. Damn it. But it’s comfortable as hell, and I love how it just kind of goes with anything.

My favourite way to wear it: as a maxi dress with a belt cinched around the middle. Flattering, and a little dressier than your standard strapless. I wore this a lot in Central America. Unfortunately I do not have a photo of this as I am a jerk.


I end up travelling with a lot of fitness gear because I love hiking and being outdoorsy (or at least I like watching Netflix in my sweatpants). I used to buy any old fitness gear for awhile, whatever was cheapest, until I realized just how crappy that kind of clothing really is.

I can wear my prAna gear for days and it doesn’t get smelly or gross. Plus the company is environmentally conscious, and the customer service is fabulous. I’ll probably never go back.

Also it has the habit of making you look really freaking fit.

What are you packing for your summer travels?

  • July 17 2015

    I love your dress listed here. Where did you find it? It looks like it would be useful I’m a variety of situations and weather, which is what I look for in travel clothes!


    • July 20 2015

      I got it from the website,! Check it out! I love how versatile it is. Comfy too

  • July 21 2015
    Oh Polly

    The Pinrose perfume wipes sound great! & I like the idea of taking a test to see which suits best :) Which one’s your fav? – Online Fashion Boutique

    • July 21 2015

      I had a little variety pack and I stupidly didn’t keep tabs on which scents I preferred the most! Haha. There was one that made me smell like a man (a sexy man), but the rest were all great

  • July 27 2015
    grace b

    Hi just curious — will you just be freelancing in Berlin? I think I read somewhere awhile back on your blog you were working on a master’s? Will we get a ‘state of the union’ blog post? Sorry, I’m nosy! LOVE the Tumi sunglasses! Had no idea they made them! :)

    • July 29 2015

      I will hopefully be picking up some work while I’m in Berlin as I have the youth mobility visa! And I just finished a writing program with Humber College in Toronto. :) Hahaha, happy you pay attention actually! The Tumi glasses are great! I’ll do a big update once I’m settled into Berlin

  • April 10 2016

    Great Post.. The Prana Yoga Gear looks good xx

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