My Seaside Escape With Bagpuss in Brighton, England

I might as well be honest, I’m absolutely tuckered out. Two days with insomnia and I’m nearly passed out on my keyboard at 9:30 p.m. I’d crawl into bed right now if I didn’t have deadlines to meet and nails to polish. Tea to drink.

So while it’s mid-December and the rain is pummelling my house and the neighbours are putting up Christmas lights and there’s 40 different musical jingles stuffed inside my brain resulting in some psychotic medley of torture, I’ve been dreaming of the beach. In my dear mother’s words: “It’s colder than a witch’s tit.” I’ve been pining away for England, in particular.

Here’s Brighton, my favourite little English seaside town. An amusement park on the pier, miles of beaches, and a rockin’ nightlife.

The water was fucking cold.

The water was freaking cold.

I didn’t ride the rollercoaster because something about flying out over the ocean at a breakneck speed made me a little uneasy.

But I did play arcade games and sunbathe on the beach.

My favourite place in town, however, was the Royal Pavilion: the seaside retreat for George, Prince of Wales, (Prince Regent from 1811). Brighton was my study group’s finale trip, and holy hell were we tired of Gothic cathedrals and Chippendale chairs and Rococo and stained glass and all the luxuries of the upper-class English.

Brighton the Royal Pavilion

But the Royal Pavilion? I wish the prince were still alive so I could call him up and ask for the numbers of his interior designers (Henry Holland, for one). The palace is a collision of India’s 19th century Indo-Saracenic style with chinoiserie accents. You’d think the whole thing would be a chaotic mess but my GOD, the COLOURS! The floral prints, bright pinks, deep blues, exotic paintings! Because in case you haven’t noticed I have a particular fondness for colourful things. (Maybe my obsession with floral patterns and the colour blue isn’t so obvious, but I’ve learned to repress some of my freak habits.)

Unfortunately, we weren’t allowed to take pictures so I have nothing to show you. But to understand what I mean, click here or here. Look for the ceiling dragon.

Other than that, I stayed up way past my comrades to get drunk alone in the hostel lobby and chat online with some friends. I didn’t make any new friends, other than Bagpuss.

It’s all about the connections, people.

  • December 07 2010

    This sounds like a great time. Who knew England could have a rockin’ beach scene? I hope your rain turns to pretty snow soon :)

    • December 11 2010

      It was quite different from the rest of England!

  • December 07 2010

    i want to go there now. thanks.
    also, bagpuss is awesome.

    i’m way to knacked for a proper comment, apologies..

    • December 11 2010

      I tried SO HARD to win my very own Bagpuss in an arcade game, and failed miserably. Sigh.

  • December 07 2010

    shame you were not allowed to photograph the interior, the samples make it look spectacular

    • December 11 2010

      I know! I think my friend had some pictures, but I can’t find them. The place was amazing.

  • December 08 2010

    Bagpuss is cute.

    • December 11 2010

      Don’t you mean “Candice”?

  • December 08 2010

    Fianlly some one who dares to praise Brighton. I lived in London for 10 years and Brighton was my favorite escape. I always thought it looks so French. Love the pavillon too and the cute shops. Brighton rocks.

    • December 11 2010

      Nobody praises Brighton?! God I loved that place.

  • December 08 2010

    I wanna go there! Well, really, at this point, anywhere, but still, that’s awesome. Holy heck that was a lot of commas!

    • December 11 2010

      Hahaha, do it! It had a really different feel compared to the rest of England. I just love the beach scene.

  • December 09 2010

    that sounds like a really cool place, sun and sand. say hi to bagpus

    • December 11 2010

      Bagpuss and I are no longer together, sadly. :(

  • December 10 2010

    I love colorful things too, that link picture was awesome! Too bad you weren’t allowed to take any pictures, I want to see more! ;)

    • December 11 2010

      I wish I could have! Even Googling for photos of the interior turns up nothing. I hate the rules of preservation.

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