My Bobble and I

I like my water bottle like I like my men: lightweight, and durable.

I’m lying. If that were true, my water bottle would be bearded and tattooed, armed with an acoustic guitar and enough strength to wrestle a gorilla.

This blog post isn’t about my preference in the opposite sex. This blog post is about my relationship with Bobble.

With my upcoming trip to the Dominican Republic, I’ve been working my ass off to get back into my bikini. I’ve even jumped back into group exercise classes at Goodlife – something I haven’t done in years. Last night I propelled myself through Zumba and Body Pump, the sources of my full-body agony this afternoon. I can’t even climb the stairs right now.

And throughout these trials and tribulations of fitness fanaticism, my little Bobble has been there.

The Bobble is all about portable filtration. The people behind the product have an important mission: to change people’s drinking habits by slowing the mass consumption of single-serve water bottles. I’m the sort of person who will drink the tap water in any location – which probably resulted in my intense bout of gastro in Ireland. If I had Bobble, perhaps my week of agony would have been avoided.

According to the Bobble website, “the world consumes more than 200 billion single-serve bottles of water per year.” That’s a lot of plastic.

I was invited to test-drive a Bobble. Initially, I thought it was just the filter: when the Bobble arrived in the mail, the bottle part was so light and flimsy that I thought it was just a sample to hold the filter.

But like all good relationships, first impressions were wrong.

Bobble and I, still happy after all these weeks

One day, while running on the treadmill, my mp3 player died. Suddenly, all I could hear was the insanely loud rattling of my heavy metal water bottle bouncing around inside the holder. I looked around, horrified that I was causing such a disruption among serious athletes.

Nobody cared, of course. It’s Goodlife. Do people even work out there?

Anyway, that’s when I started bringing my Bobble. I felt like a douchebag, filtering fountain water. But my Bobble and I have launched on this epic fitness journey together, and I’ll see it through to the end, dammit.

Plus we’re a sexy couple.

We’ve become so attached, that I temporarily went into freak-out mode when I thought I had lost my Bobble on the flight to Halifax. After a few minutes of panic, the couple behind me handed over Bobble and said he had fallen from the overhead luggage. Sometimes you don’t realize what you have until it’s lost.

Downside: When you’re sweating like a mofo and need to chug a gallon of water, waiting for it to filter through can be painful. Slow down, you animal.

  • April 13 2012

    LOL, admittedly, I have never heard of this product. But I have to admit, after reading about it, as a runner, it interested me. Have a great weekend. And stop by sometime. We miss you over this way. :)

    • April 18 2012

      Hahaha, how can I say no to that?!

  • April 13 2012

    Would the Bobble actually filter out bacteria that causes gastro, though? I’ve often wondered this. (Unfortunately, only a week into trying out the Bobble, I made the fatal error of putting it through the dishwasher and melting it.)

    • April 18 2012

      I’m not entirely sure myself, to be honest. perhaps I should take it with me to the Dominican Republic in a few weeks and see if I die or not.

  • April 14 2012

    I used one of these the last time I was in Baker Lake, Nunavut and it seemed to do the trick. Not that the water there causes any stomach issues, but we usually drink bottled water to be safe. I tossed it when I got back though. The bottle was way too small, about half the size of yours. I didn’t realize they had larger ones, the store up there didn’t have any.

    • April 18 2012

      Yep, they do! I think bigger ones than the one I have too, actually. Glad to know it worked while camping, though…that was going to be my next test.

  • April 15 2012

    Sooo say I went to a river and put that water into this Bobble thingy, It would filter river gross-ness out? o.0

    • April 18 2012

      Not 100% sure about natural bodies of water…perhaps I need to test the theory out

  • April 16 2012

    Hmmmmm … I might have to look into this Bobbie. It could solve the problem I always have in Germany while traveling. I am always super thirsty so we buy huge packs of bottled water (which I never do while not traveling). I would love to fill up at the tap in a hotel and be on my way. Good idea here! And good luck with your bikini :-)

    • April 18 2012

      Yeah, most definitely! It’s a pain to lug around those heavy bottles. Bobble is SO light!

  • April 16 2012

    The look…
    of love…
    is on…
    your Bobble…

  • April 16 2012

    This is funny! I love my Brita filtered bottle too ;)

  • April 26 2012

    Wow, and here I was thinking you were about to write about your dildo, lol.

    • April 26 2012

      That initial picture kinda looks like one, doesn’t it?

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