The words we all hate

These are our most hated words to spell

Hello from Ottawa! I took a little break from life in St. John’s to visit some family here in the city. And also to do that whole Halloween thing. But since I’m well past the “dress like a hobag” stage, I opted for blue scrubs and a white tank-top and went as an inmate from Wentworth. I’m all about dat comfort.

I’m back in the freelance world again! This time writing about some of the places I visited while in the Balkans. Except no matter how many freaking times I use the word “Mediterranean,” I can never spell it right on the first go. Hell, rarely the second go, either.

“Occasion” used to be my archenemy, and it still feels wrong to me. The only way I can remember to spell it correctly is by thinking about “occasionally” and how the two double letters are on the outside.

Yes, these are things I think about.

Anyway, this is a one-off post, because I sent the question out into Twitter and some of the responses I got back were hilarious. These are our most hated words to spell.

Wow, guys, English is a struggle.

Two votes for this one! Them double letters are tricky.

(This one actually trips me up ALL THE TIME.)

It’s even funnier because Amy is apparently a former spelling bee champion.

And some words, I’ve never thought of using before:


We had two votes for “convenience.” This one hasn’t bothered me, maybe because of that handy i-before-e rule.

And of course, we have to blame the millennials again for all our problems.

(I seriously hate that one too.)

Other runner ups for worst word to spell EVER include: unfortunately, independent, deficient, architecture, privilege, queue. I have to agree with the “queue.”

Would all the deficient, independent millennials please queue up? Your privilege is unfortunately parallel to the Caribbean architecture.

I’d like to point out that I have no trouble spelling ridiculous German words, like “Ausländerbehörde” and “Wissenschaftler.” And I’m seriously perplexed why words like “deficient” and “privilege” are hard for some people…meanwhile I only recently learned the difference between “stationery” and “stationary.”

I want to know. What words do you HATE?

  • November 02 2016

    Slightly related, I hate when people don’t realize compliment and complement are two different words. I once had a college English prof mark me down a point on a paper because I wrote complement and I’m clearly still bitter about it.

    • November 07 2016

      OMG. I would BE SO MAD. Hahaha

  • November 02 2016

    Morocco. I can never remember how many r’s and c’s.

    • November 07 2016

      I’m like that with the Philippines!

  • November 03 2016

    Exercising! I’ve always had such a hard time with this one. It’s like, where’s the z?!

    • November 07 2016

      Hahaha. I actually had to stop and think about that one too! I’m like, wait, it doesn’t?

  • November 10 2016

    I used to be such an on-point speller. Then I moved to France. Many words in French are just similar enough to English that when you go to write the English one, your French knowledge makes you look like you can’t spell in English. Like is it appartment or apartment. Exercise or excercise. I keep ’em straight most of the time but every once in a while, I just shake my head, at myself. ;-)

    • November 16 2016

      The struggles of learning a new language! Haha. I do the same with German now and my phone often autocorrects my text to German words, Lol.

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