Travel Blogs

You should watch these people. Carefully. Maybe with binoculars.

*NOTE* I’m no longer taking link exchange requests, unless I know you and your blog well. Please at least get to know me first, so I don’t feel so cheap.


Ali’s Adventures – Alison’s a sweet gal with a serious travel addiction.
A Little Adrift – Shannon is a RTW traveller who writes about a little something for everyone.
Adventurous Kate – She shares travel experiences and enjoys nightlife as much as I do. A girl after my own heart.
Around the World in 80 Jobs – Turner is another one of those baring-soul type bloggers who likes to drop the occasional f-bomb. I dig that.
As We Travel – Budget travel stories written by Nathan and Sofia, a lovely roamin’ couple.
Bacon is Magic – Don’t let the name fool you, this blog isn’t about bacon. Just awesomeness.
Cailin Travels – Halifax-based Cailin tells us how to travel solo.
Canvas of Light – Dan’s a travellin’, camera-totin’ man with some stellar snapshots.
Caroline in the City — A kindred soul to share a beer with.
C’est Christine – Christine says she’s Californian by birth, but French at heart.
Dave’s Travel Corner – Hugely comprehensive travel site. You’ll got lost in here without a compass. You do carry a compass, right?
Forks and Jets — The kind of blog that makes your mouth water.
Gap Year Escape — Surfer, blogger, future husband.
Go, See, Write – The mobile lawyer has some new digs, yo.
Hike Bike Travel — Colourful travel guides…free!
i Backpack Canada — Corbin covers Canada like a pro.
I’m So Glad That I’m an Island – Alouise in Alberta talks travel.
Jessie on a Journey — She loves nothing more than her backpack.
Johnny Vagabond — Wes Nations is travelling for a year…or until his money runs out. Be envious.
Journey to Design – Sarah is a Spatial Designer (cool job title or WHAT?!) and world traveller.
Maiden Voyage – Emily is a 20-something traveller with some great insights.
My Travel Confession – Jul Morey has a mission to kiss a guy from every country. She’s at 22!
My Wanderlusty Life – I love Ashley’s spirit, and we share the same thoughts on Epcot’s Food and Wine Fest. Ha!
Nomadic Chick – Incredibly wise words from an incredibly smart woman, Jeannie Mark.
Nomadic Matt – Matt Kepnes shows how to travel the world and make a living from it.
Nomadic Samuel – Sam’s the man, and his About Me page features a pic of him riding an ostrich. That’s all you need to know to get started.
Seattle Travels – Fun, funky and colourful blog from an awesome Mainlander.
Solo Female Traveler – One of my favourite travel writers, Sabina Lohr, shares great tales and lots of insight.
Spunky Girl Monologues – Pam McNaughton on Canada and the universe.
Stop Having a Boring Life – Rob’s life is like my fantasy, except he’s a dude and I’m not.
Suzy Guese – Travel with redheaded temperament, Suzy’s a redhead you need to meet.
That Backpacker – Audrey is a world adventurer and weekend warrior.
The Adventures of D – Another favourite writer, Diana Edelmen travels solo around Europe.
The Aussie Nomad – Chris Richardson just quit his job and took off on his journey around the globe.
The Broke Backpacker – Entertaining posts. Read the cave-surfing one from Jordan.
The Planet D – Canada’s greatest adventure couple, Dave & Deb. Spending a few days with them is on my Bucket List.
Travel RedBook – Travel RedBook allows you to plan a trip with their expert help.
The Traveling Savage – Keith gets to keep his wife and home while travelling a few months at a time. Dream, much?
Traveling the Middle East – A great guide for anyone looking to travel in the Middle East, especially women.
Travel Yourself – Cailin O’Neil is a filmmaker extraordinaire. Here’s her professional site.
Travels of Adam – RTW travels of Adam.
Travels With Bird – A fun new travel blog with some excellent photography.
Tropical Nomad – Any blogger from Sligo, Ireland is a friend of mine.
Twenty-Something Travel – Steph is kinda an Internet goddess.
Wayward Traveller – Annie’s life was changed by Australia, now she’s moving on.