Life Advice From an Unemployed Artist

A few weeks ago, I launched my first ever contest and asked readers what they would like to see on my blog. A lot of people said more Newfoundland stuff, for which I’m happy to oblige. Others encouraged me to go ahead with my “Life Advice From an Unemployed Artist” column. I was kinda joking, but kinda not.

You can trust me.

If it’s one thing I’m good at, it’s giving amazing advice. Flawless. Just ask anyone who comes to me about relationship problems, despite me being unable to commit to anybody for longer than a week. It’s astounding, really.

I’ve installed a contact form in the right-hand column where you can submit your questions to me. I don’t care what you ask me, it doesn’t even necessarily have to be travel related. What’s the best way to cure a hangover? How can I more attractively shape my eyebrows? Which restaurant should I take my date to in St. John’s? Yes, you can place your life in my hands, and I will provide the answers.

You can take comfort in knowing your question will be answered honestly by an unemployed artist who finds dried cheese on her pajama pants and chocolate in her bully button on a regular basis.

It can be entirely confidential and anonymous. You can also ask me personal questions, but I will almost certainly lie.

Let the good times and cheesy one-liner inspirational quotes roll!

  • February 28 2011

    You keep your stash of chocolate in your belly button ….. does that keep it fresher or improve the flavour???

  • February 28 2011

    YEA for you! This makes me so excited for you! I’m thinking up some really great questions to ask you…they’re percolating right now!

    • March 03 2011

      Oh man, they’re rolling in! Hysterical. Submit!

  • February 28 2011

    This sounds like a fantastic feature. I’ve already asked one question I might be tempted to ask more. Especially if cheesy inspirational quotes are involved.

    • March 03 2011

      Hehe, I’ve received like 3 serious questions of 20, love it!

  • February 28 2011

    “You can also ask me personal questions, but I will almost certainly lie.” – Ha! : ) Will be fun to see where this project goes.

  • March 01 2011
    Susan D

    I have a feeling this is going to be consistently awesome. LOL
    Great idea. I’m going to come to your blog with all of my problems. ;)

    • March 03 2011

      I will do my best to answer without any curse words!

  • March 01 2011

    Not even gonna lie, was totally thinking up questions for you this morning while I was opting to not risk my life to attend a meeting… ;D

    I think you should answer some questions well drunk. True story. You give amazing life advice when you’re drunk. ;)

    (also, i’m still amazed at how the chocolate got onto your belly like that…)

    • March 03 2011

      I will totally answer questions will drunk! It’s when I’m at my smartest.

  • March 01 2011

    Loving it, I’ll start to think about which aspect of my disasterous life I should ask a question.

    • March 03 2011

      Don’t worry, you can make up a name. ;)

  • March 01 2011

    Oh yeah! we might visit Newfoundland in the near future, so be sure I’m going to bombard you with questions.

  • March 01 2011

    How, pray tell, do you get chocolate in your belly button?

    • March 03 2011

      One of those life mysteries, I think.

  • March 02 2011

    I’m most certainly participating. You’d better not tell one me

  • March 03 2011

    I have a feeling this segment is going to be a completely hilarious winner, Candice :) I’m going to try to think of something good to ask.

    • March 03 2011

      Hehehe, thanks, Sabina! Ask away!

  • March 16 2011

    Reading your blogs. Now i want to come see Newfoundland.

    Ever been to the Biggest Mall in North America? West Edmonton Mall. Tourist from all over come here just to see the mall. he he.

    • March 18 2011

      Do come visit! You’ll love it. Hopefully I’ll be in Edmonton this summer…I have some friends there I wanna see. :)

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