Kayaking in Gros Morne National Park

I’ve always said that if there were ONE sport I’d pick to be good at, it’d be kayaking.

Okay, I’ve never always said that, but it’s true that I love paddling sports above all others. Except for if that sport involves making chip dip on a Friday night and then laying on my futon drooling and binge-watching Californication.

Last summer I went kayaking in Gros Morne National Park with Gros Morne Adventures. Since I’m forever alone, I was delegated a single-person canoe. I’d never paddled one before. I loved it.

Kayaking Gros Morne

The tour took my fellow kayakers and me around Bonne Bay, between the communities of Norris Point and Woody Point and everywhere in between. The mountains provided the perfect shelter from the wind. I couldn’t have picked a better day for it: warm, sunny, and hardly a cloud in the sky. The water was calm as glass. Every time I drifted sideways into someone else’s canoe, all it took was a quick dip of the paddle to get me back on track again, while steadying my camera with my left hand. I probably received an angry glare or two. I know how to rock a kayak.

Kayaking Bonne Bay

While we didn’t have much luck at sighting wildlife that day, it’s not uncommon to spot minke whales, and bald eagles. If you’re a more experienced kayaker, you can opt for other excursions, or you can rent the kayak to take out by yourself.

I got to know the owners while on this trip, and I was supposed to complete the Long Range Traverse with them last September. Unfortunately I have the knees of an 80-year-old, and I wasn’t exactly in great shape. BUT: keep them in mind if you’re in the park. I sincerely loved the people who worked there, and I had a blast.

Kayaking Newfoundland

Check out their Kayak Cafe as well. I picked up an epic tuna curry sandwich and took it out on the patio overlooking Bonne Bay. Pure bliss.