I’m sorry, America, I misjudged you

Today’s guest post comes from one of my BFFs and travelling companion, Trish. After our recent adventures around Nevada/Arizona/Utah, we both realized how much more of the United States we wanted to see. It’s never been a travel priority for me, honestly. Now it is. HAPPY 4TH OF JULY!

I have a confession to make. I’ve never cared much about America. When it came to traveling, taking vacations, living, or making friends, America never crossed my mind.

Now it’s time for me to hang my head in shame and beg forgiveness… and maybe a Visa?

I spent months staying in hostels in Australia, I couch surfed in London, and worked on little farms and beautiful gîtes in France. I lived on a sailboat for a week in Croatia and I’ve been to seven of the Canadian provinces. The only American tale I’ve ever been able to tell was “I think I went camping in Maine when I was a kid.”

I just got back from staying in Las Vegas for a week and OH MY GOD I loved it.

The hotels we stayed in were organized and efficient, the city was clean and happy, and the restaurants had some of the best customer service I have ever received. Honestly. The customer service was better than anywhere I’ve been in Canada. Even going through customs was a breeze!

Yes, I loved the fact that I felt like a celebrity for a week with two of my girlfriends but I also fell in love with the views, the people, and my brand new bucket list.

Speaking of Bucket Lists…

Go to the Grand Canyon and cry like a baby… CHECK!

As a Canadian, I’ve been exposed to a lot of “America Hate” and I’m now pretty ashamed to have been part of it. There seems to be some kind of competition between Americans and Canadians on which country is best and what I always took from it is that Canadians are nice and Americans are rude. I was wrong. Canadians have a reputation for being friendly and overly apologetic and I won’t try to discredit that. I mean… I apologized profusely to a sketchy man on The Strip in Vegas because I didn’t want to buy cocaine from him.

“Oh, you know what? I’m really sorry but I just don’t want any. Okay? I’m really sorry. Good luck!”


Drug dealers aside, we made some great American friends. I also loved the southern accents and kept asking people to repeat themselves so I could listen to them. I was overwhelmed by how friendly everyone was and always felt safe on Fremont Street and The Strip.

So, I’m sorry, America. I misjudged you. Now I want to pass you notes in class like you were the cute boy sitting next to me who I was scared to talk to because I picked on him at recess.

Can we be friends? Please circle yes, no, or maybe.

Please circle yes.

I now have a week of the most fun experiences I’ve ever had to talk about and I can’t wait to go back and get some more.

  • July 04 2015
    Tom Whitten

    Welcome, and please come back! Different places, different people. I’m a Cape Cod guy and a Boston guy living in Cleveland. Different vibes all 3. Off to Newfoundland for the first time on October 18. Grate’s Cove. I have ancestors from there. I’m an airline employee and the flying is cheap! Here is a fun Cape Cod link. http://therealcape.com

    • July 07 2015

      Would love to spend some time in Boston and Cape Cod! I think I just need a bucket list for all my USA travel goals haha.

  • July 04 2015
    Don B

    Hope you come back and visit some more! Just so you know, the cross-border amity is reciprocated.

    I grew up in NY state a mile from Canada and half my relatives are above the border. When I was a kid, there was some rivalry between relatives from the two countries too but a lot of love as well.

    Now I live near Seattle and my favorite thing is to ride motorcycles up into BC and the Canadian Rockies. A few years ago, I had a bike totaled there (falling rocks) and afterwards, wrote this post thanking the people of BC for helping me home. These sentiments apply to your country as a whole. Cheers!


    • July 07 2015

      I’d love to see Seattle! And more of NY. And Maine. And the South. Oh my.

      • July 07 2015
        Don B

        Seattle is awesome. You really should visit. In fact, the whole Pacific NorthWest (BC, Washington, Oregon) is fantastic!

        Up North, mt favorite repeat visit place is Yoho Park in the Rockies. But I got to visit a good friend in Whitehorse just before Winter really hit in November and it was fantastic. Want to return there too!

        You’re from Newfoundland, right? I hear it’s a terrific, friendly place. Also need to see that, Nova Scotia, Quebec, PEI….

        • July 20 2015

          I am indeed! You’d love it! Awesome spot, still really untouched. I love it here

      • July 07 2015
        Don B

        If you travel Route 66 before I do, I will be SO jealous! :)

  • July 04 2015

    America definitely is a country of very diverse landscapes and experiences. One of the best ways to discover this is doing road trips. Have fun exploring! =)

  • July 04 2015
    Sasha @ The Curious Zephyr

    Bahaha the US vs. Canada thing is super weird. I don’t understand it, and it gets really awkward!

    “When it came to traveling, taking vacations, living, or making friends, America never crossed my mind.” I used to be able to say the same thing about Canada … fortunately, I made some awesome friends a few years ago and did a 2 week road trip to visit them one summer and realized what I’ve been missing! Canada is awesome! America is awesome! That’s a lot of awesome for one continent to handle!!

    • July 07 2015

      Oh that’s awesome! I’m glad you made it over the border. There’s SO much I want to see in the USA now.

  • July 04 2015

    lol OMG love the comment about apologizing to the drug dealer! As a Canadian I can really understand that one lol

    • July 06 2015
      Trish McNeill

      I walked away from him clutching onto my new friends arm and laughing. “Did I just do that??”

    • July 07 2015

      Hahaha yessss

  • July 08 2015

    As an American I’ve never heard a serious jab at Canada. There are lots of comments, but they have always been in jest and Canadians are actually regarded pretty highly here.

    However, I did overhear some Canadians absolutely bashing Americans while in Santorini and it took a lot of restraint not to yell at them. Every country has rude & nice people. To say all 321 million of us are awful is quite the generalization.

    • July 08 2015

      I’ve heard plenty of serious jabs at Canada from Americans, BUT you’re right…some Canadians do love badmouthing their neighbours. To the point where it’s more arrogant than any stereotype said about the US.

  • July 16 2015

    Road trips in the US are great! Since I’m from the US, I’ve never really prioritized traveling within my own country, though perhaps I should. The landscapes are incredibly diverse and varied.

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