How to be an Excellent Host: A Tribute to Cailin O’Neil

Today wraps up my two-month stint in Nova Scotia. Depending on my job situation, I’ll be back.

The whole time I’ve been here, I’ve been casually mooching off two of my best friends – Joanne and Cailin. Joanne doesn’t read this blog, so I decided to pay tribute to Ms. O’Neil.

How has she made the past two months amazing? Here’s how.

I’ve been actually staying in Eastern Passage with Jo, which is about a 30 minute drive in the middle of nowhere, outside Halifax. This includes a bridge toll fare of $0.75 each way. Cailin has literally made this trip at least four times a week to bring me back and forth to the city. And up until yesterday, she never once complained. (Yesterday she claims she got stuck in a time warp. It happens.)

I’ve also spent a fair amount of time crashing at her house in the spare bedroom, particularly during our evening beer excursions. Not once has she complained about my backpack regurgitating its contents all over the bedroom floor, nor has she said anything about my crappy upkeep of the house. In fact, she’s even cooked me breakfast and/or made me supper almost every single day, including an incredibly epic turkey dinner.

Fit for a king. Wait, queen.

Fit for a king. Wait, queen.

Then there’s the time she drove me all over Nova Scotia, from Halifax to Shubenacadie, then from Halifax to Guysborough, Prince Edward Island and beyond. She’s also force-fed me beer on a regular basis.

We’ve literally become two peas in a pod. When a friend of mine ran into her downtown one night, he immediately asked, “Where’s Candice?” Sigh.

Cailins fault. Thursday night. Oompf.

Cailin’s fault. Thursday night. Oompf.

Not bad considering we only met five months ago via Twitter. I’ve tried my best to repay her by being a pleasant companion, purchasing gift cards and sometimes a meal, but one day when I’m rich and famous, I promise her a trip around the world.

Disclaimer: Please do not take this as an invitation to personally mooch off Ms. O’Neil and her residence.

Enroute to Newfoundland for a rest. BRB, Halifax.

  • October 19 2010

    So glad you had such an amazing time in Novia Scotia! You deserved that! How great that you and Cailin got to meet and become such great friends!

    Good luck back in Newfoundland or wherever you end up next!

    • October 21 2010

      Thank you, Annie!! Such kind words!

  • October 20 2010

    Awww thanks Candice!!!! :)
    You aren’t so bad yourself. Please please please come move to Halifax? (but then don’t get mad when I go away on trips haha)
    I hope you enjoyed my cooking, and maybe we will get an apartment together when you come back? haha
    miss you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I need a good drinking buddy.

    • October 22 2010

      I MISS YOU!!! Hahaha, yes, I will be back. If we get an apartment, I’ll be the cleaner and you be the cooker. And I’ll clean the dishes properly. AND YOU’RE NOT ALLOWED TO LEAVE ME.

  • October 21 2010

    I’ve come to really like this Cailin person while you’ve been away, based off yer tales of her…. except for her one glaring flaw of encouraging you to move to Halifax ;P

    Not sure if I should be glad you had someone to help make your time down there so enjoyable… maybe without her you would’ve come home a lot sooner! ;)
    (and I will never mooch off cailin… but if you move to halifax you’d better expect me to sleep on YOUR couch for a spell.. ;P )

    • October 22 2010

      You can crash on my couch ANYTIME! Wheee!

  • October 26 2010

    Awww you girls are so cute! And so much fun. I feel like I can say that since I met you both — together. Was that really the first time you’d met IRL? You’d never be able to tell!!

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