Guest Post: Don’t Be a Jackass, Push Through That Homesickness!

This post has been brought to you from Lindsay Hogg aka Hogga from The Traveller, the ultimate guide to balancing tequila and tourism, wrapped in amusing tales of around the world mishaps and adventure.

Although travelling the world can be one of the most life changing, awesomesauce experiences, you will always have days where you miss the comforts of home. For me, it’s often food, particularly PIZZA (sorry friends and family… food trumps all).

It may not even be home that you miss particularly, it could be having your own toilet, shower or solid Internet access. These things can begin to take a toll on you. We’re not always as strong as we’d like to believe.

Here are some tips to help you cope with being a wussy wanker.

1. Treat yourself to some god damn alone time!

Sometimes you miss home because you’re worn down. All that beer drinking, uh… I mean “hiking,” can tire you out. Get a good night’s sleep and have some quality alone time with your favorite person, YOU. Throw bricks at people if they knock on your door. (If you don’t carry a brick for angry times like this, throw a shoe. Not as effective, but it works.)

2. Make a buddy

Other travelers can relate to what you’re going through. If you’re homesick, talk to someone about it. They may be able to cheer you up or present you with some helpful advice. If all else fails, let them take you out and get your S%. It could be EPIC, just don’t drunk cry about your homesickness, it makes for awkward times.

3. Do something adventurous

A splash of white water rapids or vibrations rattling through your bones from mountain biking may be just what the doctor ordered. These awesome adventures help remind you of why you started traveling in the first place.

4. Call home

Hearing a familiar voice can comfort you. It can also be a helpful reminder that nothing exciting is going on at home and your friends are lazy a-holes. Keep in mind this tip can backfire, be cautious of how it will effect you emotionally (i.e. if you’re going to start crying when you hear mommy’s voice, don’t call home).

5. Get a good meal in you

On the road it can be hard to get all your meals in, never mind good ones. Sometimes we grab whatever the cheapest and quickest eats are to save money and time (this is often the case in all walks of life). Lack of nutrients can really affect your mental, physical and emotional state. Have a full and healthy meal (cook for yourself if possible). It will make you feel a lot better, and big healthy food is delicious! Num, num, num…

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Is it any wonder why Lindsay is one of my new favourite travel bloggers? Thanks for the laughs, Lindsay! I hope I get to shoot tequila with you during my little cross-country excursion. I’m currently home in Bay d’Espoir for the weekend catching up with the relations and enjoying weather above 0 degrees Celsius. I get to wear regular socks today, not wool ones! Happy Friday!

  • April 01 2011


  • April 01 2011

    I always bring plenty of bricks…
    then airport security looks at me like I’m a bit off…
    so I panic and insist they’re not my bricks… and I have no idea who packed my luggage.
    Things usually go downhill from there. :)

  • April 01 2011

    I’ve never actually traveled for a long enough period of time to get homesick (2 weeks at the most). Still I’m sure one day homesickness may creep up on me, and I’ll definitely put these tips to use.

    • April 05 2011

      I admit I was a little homesick while in NS and in England…mostly because my friends kept posting status updates about all the fun I was missing. Sigh.

  • April 02 2011

    ok, that photo really scares me. Or perhaps that photo being one of the reasons you got in a better mood scares me ;)

  • April 02 2011

    Pizza is my comfort food too, it’s sad but Pizza Hut seems to have taken over the world and if I’m in a particularly bad mood I head there.

  • April 02 2011

    I think that “me” time is the best solution – along with a slab of dark chocolate! I also love skype as it directly links you with friends and family. You now you don’t have to miss anything back at home. It has been amazing to watch my nephew grow since I have been overseas. But nothing beats being home and seeing everyone in the flesh. But you have the rest of your life to do that. ENOY YOUR TRAVELS NOW!

    • April 05 2011

      YES to the dark chocolate! Haha. And Skype is a GREAT point…oh the wonders of the Internet.

  • April 04 2011

    haha, definitely made me lol!
    the ‘me’ time is my key to travel sanity :) because i find what i miss most when i’m away from home is my home. like, my actual house. where i live alone. ;P

    • April 04 2011

      Haha! Yeah I start to miss quiet time to myself as well. My own bed without someone sleeping above me and my own bathroom where I’m not showering with 10 other people. NAKED TIME!
      Alas, I have no home, so I don’t miss it.

    • April 05 2011

      Agreed, and sometimes after a long, busy evening there’s NOTHING better than crawling back to your hotel room to sit with a laptop and do the usual.

  • April 04 2011

    I am very disturbed by tongue picture. I want to know the story behind it…yet again I really think it would be very disturbing!

    • April 05 2011

      haha theres not much of a story to be honest. My friend licked my cheek and I was like THAT IS DISGUSTING! Once they realized it bothered me that much, it only encouraged the attacks to continue. Then we all couldnt stop laughing so hard so we took a picture. THE END.

    • April 05 2011

      A teeth cleaning session, I figure!

  • April 04 2011

    Yikes! It looks like you are biting that persons tongue in that photo! These are some great tips!

  • April 04 2011

    Homesickness is the worst! There’s nothing that brings down a trip faster. Just remember why you’re there in the first place…to see and experience new things! Eventually you WILL go home.

    • April 05 2011

      Tis true! My method is to put my distance between friends at home, hahaha. Otherwise I get jealous.

  • April 15 2011

    Great advice. Making new friends especially always does the job for me. And if all else fails, get drunk!

    • April 19 2011

      Get drunk, agree wholeheartedly!

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