Global Resort Homes for a girlfriend getaway in Florida

For some reason, I find myself in Florida time and time again. I don’t particularly like Florida, but there you have it. I’ve seen very little of the USA, other than Florida and New York City. And yet I keep returning, again and again.

I guess mainly they’re gateway destinations for we Canadians. Flights to Florida are cheap as hell, and the same goes for New York City. For Newfoundlanders, finding affordable flights is often hard work.

My second trip to Florida was my favourite, however. For one, I wasn’t alone. Secondly, I was being treated to a media trip with Global Resort Homes, and I was hanging out with some really awesome mommy bloggers. (They partied way harder than I did, seriously.) It’s a company that hires out luxury homes in Florida, making the process clean, straightforward, and easy.

Kiss Canada Global Resort Homes

From our vacation home, we were able to explore the nearby Kissimmee area, and Orlando. I kinda despise Disneyland, if I’m being honest, but we happened to be there for the Food and Wine Festival. I’m a big fan of food and wine.

And as it turns out, Global Resort Homes is an epic way to plan an ultimate girlfriend getaway…even if you hardly know those girls.

1. It’s affordable

Global Resort Homes is perfect for when you’re travelling with large groups, like families or girlfriends. You can find three bedroom homes starting at $150 USD, for example, making it about $50/night for one person (and even cheaper if you cram couples into three bedrooms). That’s the equivalent of staying in some hostels.

Plus you get lots of parking space. WIN.

2. The homes are DA BOMB

Our home was one of the nicest places I have ever stayed in, and it’s hard to believe that someone actually LIVES there for part of the year. Like, someone owns that place. I own a laptop and a Fitbit.


My room was plush, clean, and gorgeous. Not to mention THE SWIMMING POOL. GAHHH. AND A HOT TUB.

Candice in the swimming pool

3. You have tons of freedom

What I loved about our vacation home was that we could take some time to chill out whenever we wanted. Plus the house was MASSIVE, so finding some quiet, alone time was not a problem in the slightest. It’s pretty much like you’ve taken your house and dumped it in the middle of a nice, hot sunny destination.

global resorts bedroom

And there’s tons of kitchen space. In other words, lots of room for wine.

4. You can save money by cooking at home

We actually hired a chef to come in and cook for us, and it didn’t cost an arm and leg. In fact, it was cheaper than going out somewhere to eat. So we sat around the living room drinking wine (wine is definitely a theme here) and absorbed the sweet smell of a barbecue while our chef happily took over the kitchen and we applauded her efforts from the couch.

Snacks at our Global Resort Home


We kept the fridge well stocked, clearly.

5. You’re in the middle of it all

As part of the Kissimmee experience, we spent a lot of time exploring the area. We went to Gatorland, and ate out a lot, and roamed around Celebration, and took an airboat ride through the Everglades. Then there was easy access to Disneyland, and the other theme parks. We went on a food and wine crawl, drank a lot, had a blast.

Food and Wine Fest Disneyland

I’m still not ENTIRELY in love with Florida. It’s a little tooooo family-friendly for me. But with the right people, it makes all the difference.


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  • January 02 2015

    The house looks beautiful and I’ve always wanted to take a boat ride through the everglades.
    PS, I’m so relieved to hear I’m not the only one who doesn’t like Disney World! I’m sometimes afraid to admit it because there are so many Disney fanatics out there, ha.

    • January 05 2015

      We did a balloon ride too! SO fun. And terrifying. Lol.

      And seriously, the crowds, the line-ups, the expenses, the screaming children…not for me.

  • January 02 2015
    grace b

    Come to Texas. It’ll blow you away! Lol. Well, maybe just Austin.

    This looks like hella fun!

  • January 03 2015
    Maggie BB

    That house looks gorgeous! But considering how much time I spent at the place we stay when we’re in Florida, I’ll stick with cheap hotels ;) However, we are going to explore beyond the theme parks this year…
    (I only love Florida because Disney is there. But I accept that you do not share my Disney love… begrudgingly.. ;) )

    also. hiring a chef. amazing.

    • January 05 2015

      Bahaha. I’m surprised you like it, actually. Considering the amount of kids around!

      • January 05 2015
        Maggie BB

        Disney speaks to my inner child, makes me a bit more tolerant of children in general.
        (okay, sometimes I want to blow up all the children…. but then I just notice something adorable and magical and forget about them :) )

  • January 06 2015

    All I really want to do is go on a food and booze crawl at Disney. Is that so much to ask? #jealous

    • January 06 2015

      Let’s just say that my memories from that day are verrrry hazy