Gear I love: TEVA Jordanelle packable boots and the perks of not being a cheapskate

I think this is the first winter I’ve ever actually looked forward to snow so I could try out my new TEVA Jordanelles, aka “packable winter boots.” Packable! Winter! Boots!

If you’re one of my closest friends (or my mother), you probably know by now that I have a habit of losing things. I’ve literally sacrificed dozens of coats and jackets to the downtown gods of George Street. I actually do not know how this is possible. I take off my coat and leave it somewhere, and even if it’s minus 5 degrees out, I’ll just walk home without it. It doesn’t make sense.

So I often sacrifice quality for affordability, unfortunately…as it doesn’t make sense to keep buying $200 winter coats if I just keep losing them.

And so I’ve been stuck in a mode of cheapskate-ism for years. Every now and then I’m offered to review a product that reminds me that cheapskate-ism really isn’t the way to go…like when backpack hunting.

Introducing, the TEVA Jordanelle. Thanks, TEVA! My toasts are toasty and dry!

What I loved about these boats:

You can remove the liner, so if you’re walking around a cabin or such, your feet stay warm and dry.

The Jordanelle compresses down to the size of a regular shoe, making it super easy to pack for notoriously crappy backpackers.

They’re waterproof.

The sweet-ass grips on the bottom will protect me when I have to walk on wintery roads that look like this.

(Photo from Polemic.)

St. John’s has an insane snow removal problem. I fear for my life every time I leave the house and have to walk somewhere, because the sidewalks simply do not get cleared. So, TEVA, you might have saved my life. Thanks for that.

What I didn’t like:

I initially wasn’t too fussy about the colour, because although the description says “red,” they’re clearly pink. My cousin and I argued over this for at least an hour because it’s my understanding that you’re supposed to believe everything that’s in print.

BUT, inspired by this new trend of QUALITY over half-assed pieces of fabric sewn together by garbage, I went out and bought myself a warm, shiny new Firefly winter jacket…with a pink inner lining. Total coincidence, and an absolute match made in heaven.

I am one stylin’ winter mofo.

How do I rate the TEVA Jordanelles? Sexy as heck.

Next up: My backpack crisis.

  • December 18 2012

    Aren’t you the styling Newfoundlander and should you end up back in Calgary your feet will be toasty too.

    • January 03 2013

      Hahaha, oh god, I was so ill prepared for the winter there…

  • December 18 2012

    So funny I just did a review of these boots too. I’ve been learning sometimes it’s okay to spend a little bit more money for something that won’t fall apart after 5 uses, although my student budget still dictates cheapness more often than I’d like.

  • December 18 2012

    Would love to try these out, sexy lookin’ snow boot. but I am partial to the good ol’ bulky Sorels stowed away in my closet back home in Winnipeg…

    • January 03 2013

      I’ve never owned a pair of those, so I can’t compare!

  • December 20 2012
    Alexandra Shiels

    LOVE them. Feminine, yet badass!

  • December 25 2012

    Wow !! beautiful boots dear and Pink is one of my favorite color. thanks for sharing. can I get it one pair of it.

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