Reconnecting with Newfoundland

On fresh beginnings, a new purpose, and a promise

It took me nearly three weeks to write this out. So here we go.

One year, four months, and 26 days. That’s how long I’ve been non-nomadic.

Here are some things that have happened in the past 15 months or so.

  • I started working 60-70 hour weeks. (I do not recommend working 60-70 hour weeks.)
  • I paid off nearly $18,000 in debt accrued from a year abroad.
  • I learned the value of meaningful work.
  • I found incredible joy in daily routine.
  • I discovered a newfound appreciation for my city, St. John’s.
  • I fell in love.


This is some of what I remember from the summer of 2016:

Flying home from Berlin, unwillingly. Sobbing in the taxi to the airport. Sobbing at the airport. Sobbing in Munich. Sobbing on the entire eight-hour flight to Halifax.

Being hungry. Sitting on the floor of the pantry of my friend’s house, where I was housesitting, wondering what I could conjure up with macaroni and a tin of tomatoes. And an onion.

Long walks around the block, alone, listening to podcasts. Lying in bed at night, alone, being afraid.

Pushing down fury as I wrote copy for degrading freelance gigs that paid me $60 for 1,000 words. Relief that I could use $60 to buy a wedding gift for some of my best friends. Feeling like a sell-out for accepting $200 to promote a chocolate bar on my Facebook page. Knowing that $200 for the month might mean I could afford some food. Feeling like crawling home to my parents. Feeling entirely too sorry for myself.


When I applied for a full-time position at the women’s film festival last September, I never thought I’d get it. But I knew the festival; I had volunteered there in the past. And then I got the job and I had a renewed purpose and things started falling into place.

I was good at my job. It wasn’t like my other office jobs! In my 15 months back in the workforce, there wasn’t a single morning where I had to force myself out of bed; there was no oppressive dread pushing me back beneath the covers. I went willingly, and happily.

(Except during all the blizzards.)

I loved my coworkers. I started thinking critically about women in the film industry; I started paying attention to the phenomenal work that women are creating in Canada, and in Newfoundland, and in the world. I understood why the work I did was important and valuable, and this was a new concept to me. Feeling like I was doing something meaningful.

I made connections with the St. John’s arts community. I attended art shows, dance performances, screenings, workshops, panels, plays, and concerts. The little creative flame that lay dormant in my heart so long began to flicker again. I learned about digital marketing and PR work. I helped to assemble an entire communications and marketing plan for the festival, and we all executed it brilliantly. To see it all come together in the end — a prestigious, high-calibre festival of great reputation around the world — made me feel like being a part of something bigger than me.

Everything just came together.

By June of 2017, I was happy again; I was paying down my credit cards. The anxiety of debt and financial insecurity was lessening, slightly. I met my boyfriend Sean after a tumultuous few months of dating other people, and everything clicked.

There was just one thing missing.


And as hard I tried, and as much as I loved my job, I just couldn’t suppress that side of me. If art gives me meaning, travel gives me life.

The festival did what they could for me, and was generous with their flexibility. But as a non-profit, they could only extend so far.

Then I started working for Nomadic Matt, and completing research and administrative work for what was supposed to be a few hours a week. Those hours gradually increased. Initially this was a way to pay down my debt quicker, but as time went on and I became immersed back into the travel community, I realized how much I missed it. And I genuinely appreciated the work I was doing; it came naturally, and it was all so very interesting.

I had turned my back on the blogging scene entirely for the past two years, mostly because I was jaded by the overly staged Instagram shots and the boring blog posts and the meaningless holier-than-thou attitudes of a few folks tooting their own “my-life-is-amazing” horn. It’s hard not to be bitter about it, when you see so much other talent being squashed.

But I love Matt’s work. I flew to NYC last week to meet the team, and Matt hosted a Thursday night meet-up for the travel community. Within minutes, people wandered in to shake Matt’s hand and to say he was the reason why they started travelling. I met a girl from Romania who said she couldn’t even conceive of the possibility of travel until she attended a previous meet-up and realized, oh my god, people are living their best lives. Really.

It’s cool to see that happen. Beyond cool, really.

I left NYC feeling pretty darned good. And I had expected this to happen–which is why I didn’t renew my festival contract at the end of November. I now work for Matt mostly full-time, and I’m loving it.

This past year has also been bizarrely rewarding for my freelance portfolio, and I am continuously publishing stories with Canadian Traveller Magazine and CBC Arts (among others). I haven’t had much time to concentrate on my own creative projects, so I look forward to getting back to those. (Remember that Newfoundland guidebook? Yeah. Probably not.)

And blogging! I’ve been the worst blogger, and I miss it. I miss you guys. I logged into my Mailchimp the other day and realized I have over 1,000 email subscribers. I had no idea. I’ve been terribly neglectful. And therein lies my promise: I will be a better blogger. And leading by Matt’s example (and the other bloggers I actually love), I’d love to make this whole thing less about me and more about serving you in whatever life journey you’re on.

Even if I don’t know what that looks like yet. Even if you’d simply just like to be entertained by all my shenanigans.

I miss writing with that fire in my belly! It’s funny that after nearly a decade of freelance independence, it took 15-months at a full-time job to come to terms with what I need to do to succeed at being location independent. A routine, for one. And secondly, a distraction-free workspace. Tomorrow I start my membership at the city’s co-working space, Common Ground.

I sincerely hope this doesn’t mean I’ll fall out of touch with the St. John’s arts community — especially the festival. Being a supportive force for women filmmakers has made me realize that being an arts facilitator is one of the most incredible things I can do in my career, and I want to keep doing it.

So, that’s it. There’s my big rambling “life-is-kinda-fucked” post. New journeys, new missions, new purposes, new loves. It only took one year, four months, and 26 days.

  • December 03 2017

    Wow so much has happened in your life recently! I’m happy for you with all the renewal of creative energy and all the good stuff. I’ve missed your posts so I can’t wait for more from you! I feel you…I was so burnt out on blogging and I thought for sure after having Riley I would just be done…and then suddenly I had this crazy burst of energy and motivation which I realized is that passion that started my blog. I may have changed directions a little (not AS book focused) but I am loving it again and I feel creative and passionate and feel fortunate when I get time to work on something for the blog.
    Jamie recently posted…Gift Guide: Gifts For (Mostly) Everybody On Your List

    • December 13 2017

      Awww thank you Jamie, I’m a little glad I’ve been missed! Hahaha. I noticed you’ve been blogging more regularly lately as well. Glad to see it! :)

  • December 03 2017

    I’m not leaving my website because I’ve been a bad blogger too. I need to live vicariously through your blogs because of arthritis and other things that make travel impossible. So keep going with that blog, girl! I need you to help brighten my life.

    • December 13 2017

      Aww, thanks for the motivation, Julie! Although I’m sorry to hear you have to stay put for the time being!

  • December 04 2017

    I’m so happy for you that you found a new direction and purpose that will allow you to also do what you love! I can relate because about 1.5 years ago, I felt a lot like you did. But now, I’m at a better place, though I’m craving more routine and normalcy! I can’t believe you were at the NYC meet up though. I was there too with a couple of other friends I met through blogging and had no idea you were also there! Wish we’d have met!
    Anna recently posted…Sister photoshoot in Kuala Lumpur

    • December 13 2017

      WHAT! Hahaha. We were in the same room and didn’t know it?! Hilarious. I’ll catch you next time!

  • December 04 2017

    Enjoyed reading. So happy for you. Love you sweet niece. Keep your dreams alive.

    • December 13 2017

      Thanks Aunt Loretta, that’s very sweet of you :) :)

  • December 04 2017

    You’re definitely one of my favorite bloggers so I’m excited that you’ll be posting more often!

    I’m very curious about how to get jobs working for other bloggers. Where do you find positions like that? I feel like everyone is so secretive about working for other bloggers and rarely mention it even if it makes up a big part of their income, so I’m glad you’re being open about your freelance journey!
    Victoria recently posted…NOBODY CARES and other holiday thoughts

    • December 13 2017

      That’s so sweet, thank you Victoria! :) Honestly I just got lucky with this gig — I’ve known Matt for years and I just so happened to be the first person who commented on his FB status, haha. All I can say is join a bunch of Facebook groups, network, and keep your ear to the ground! I may do a blog post about this sometime soon, as a few people have asked.

  • December 05 2017

    So good to hear that you’ve landed in a happy place. The festival gig sounded like just what you needed at that time and now you’ve moved onto to something that is a better for you now. You always had a great voice on this site and I’m looking forward to what you share next.

    • December 13 2017

      Thanks so much, Ayngelina! I miss the festival a great deal but travel is too deep in my bones to ignore it. xo

  • December 08 2017

    This post made me so happy. I came back to Canada this year after living abroad for two years and have been feeling exactly like you in 2016 (minus the mountain of debt – kudos to you for paying that off so quickly), so I can only imagine how difficult that situation must have been. Congratulations on all your successes over the past 15 months, and I’m so glad you’ll be blogging again. Also, I’d love to know more about your freelancing and how you make it work (I’ve inadvertently fallen into the world of freelancing and could really use some tips and inspiration ;) )
    Ashley recently posted…Living in Edinburgh: The Expat Survival Guide

    • December 13 2017

      Thanks so much, Ashley! I appreciate your comments. :) I can totally do a blog about my freelancing gigs! Stay tuned!

  • December 17 2017

    Your post was just what I needed. I’ve been out of the travel game for a stretch, with a pledge to get back into it in 2018. I’ve been desperately trying to secure at least one assignment, but with no luck. Your words made me realize that I just need to get on a plane, assignment or not.

    • December 20 2017

      Yes! You can do it! I have no real travel plans at the moment either, but I like that now the option is there. :)

  • December 21 2017

    Girl, this was exactly what I needed to read right now. I just finished my year and a half abroad. I freelanced as a writer, volunteered in hostels and worked in every gig I could find, but after 16 months or so, I spent all my saving and I realised I needed to go back home to get some stability. It hasn’t been that long and I already miss the travel life so much. I miss my boyfriend, whom I met when I was travelling in Ireland and I don’t really know what I am going to do back in Mexico or if I would have the time or drive to keep blogging. But I am happy to see that you have found some balance. That gives me hope and I would be more than happy to keep reading you in the future! =)
    Dann Castillo recently posted…How I did not want to go to see the Northern Lights in Iceland, but I did anyways and loved it!

    • January 07 2018

      Yay! I’m so glad you found it helpful! Finding that balance is so damned hard. I’ve been struggling since going back to freelance full-time, but I think I’ve finally ironed out the kinks. Maybe. Haha. I wasn’t following your journey before, but now I’m subscribed. :)

  • December 25 2017

    After reading your comments, I see we both have an Aunt Loretta! Small world indeed. Really enjoyed reading this post and I’m glad to see you’re back into blogging and traveling and doing what you love. Your post left me feeling inspired. I’m off to Colombia and Peru in a few days, hoping to hang on to that inspiration. Thanks!

    • January 07 2018

      Hi Mary, so glad you enjoyed! Colombia was on my tentative to-do list for 2018. Can’t wait to hear your impressions!

  • January 07 2018

    Good to have you back! (I had the issue where I woke up this morning and my Feedly had posted 8 blog posts from you, what a weirdo it is). That’s an awful lot to achieve in one year. I’m glad life straightened itself out for you in the end!

    • January 10 2018

      UGH, I think it’s because I changed website hosts and then had to change my redirect links and stuff. Looks like a bunch of my stuff got “republished.” Sorry about that!!

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