Free Candie Has Arrived!

It’s HERE! At long last! I’m running around my apartment throwing confetti into the air! I’m having a solo celebration and I don’t care if my neighbours can hear me! Pop the champagne! FREE CANDIE HAS ARRIVED.

Um, yeah, things look a little different.

If you’re wondering why this is happening, and if you’re currently hyperventilating into a paper bag because you can’t deal with change, please refer to this blog post I wrote awhile back about my transition.

Free Candie has arrived


Free Candie has arrived


This has been a lot of work. I mean a LOT.

There were photo shoots, and long writing sessions, and many Skype chats. I knew that hiring Hannah and Lee from Further Bound for my redesign/rebrand would be the right decision, and it WAS. When we first started chatting, I wrote out everything I was feeling in a massively long email and sent it their way. I figured Hannah would call it quits immediately because I was all over the place — an excited kid at Christmas not knowing where to get started. Instead, Further Bound was up for the challenge. And my, what a challenge it was.


Other than the obvious redesign and rebrand, I’ve now divided my blog content into three main categories: Travel, Writing, and Lifestyle. Obviously the Travel section is still going to get a great deal of attention, as it IS such a huge part of my life. But there are so many other things I want to talk about lately. Like volunteering with the refugees in Berlin, how I’m using Bumble to meet new people, applying for erotic jobs (just kidding Mom lol), my new book…and now I can do all these things, without throwing things off balance.

If you’re wondering what will go under Writing, I’ll be talking a lot about the writing process (especially after having written that manuscript) and how I live my digital nomad life.

There’s also a Places page for when you want to research a destination. And might I say, isn’t it divine?


The new Guides page is still a work in progress, but I like to consider myself an expert on a few things (Newfoundland, for one) and I’d like to share those things with you. I get an INSANE amount of queries from people planning their travels — whether it’s Newfoundland or Greece or somewhere else — and so hopefully this will help you plan your journey a little easier.

It won’t be just travel, either. But we’ll talk more about that soon.


The Resources page is a detailed list of everything I use to make my travel and work life easier, as well as a little info on each item. Whether it’s travel gear, booking sites, feminine hygiene products, or simply notebooks (addicted), I’ll include links and feedback.


ALL THINGS CANDIE! Handfuls and handfuls of Candie!

Actually, this is where I’ll be sharing my eBooks. This entire page is currently in the works as well, but click through to learn a little about what I have in store. I’ve also set up a SmugMug account so you can buy photography from me. If something catches your fancy, have at ‘er.


ISN’T EVERYTHING JUST WONDERFUL?! No more nasty sidebar ads. Improved navigation. Larger text. Better photography. Better reading. MOAR AWESOME.

Sorry I’m really excited.

Hold onto your pants, it’s gonna get wild in here.

Thank you all so much for your overwhelming support. Your comments and feedback mean the world to me. It’s the only reason I’ve been doing this for years.

Please tell me what you think in the comments below, or let me know what else you’d like to see! Furthermore, if you haven’t already signed up for my newsletter, please do so now via the form at the bottom of this page. I’ll only ever email you once a month, but I’ll keep you updated on new eBooks, my first novel, and more. You can unsubscribe at any time!

  • October 05 2015

    So excited to finally see this baby go live! Thank you so much for choosing us to embark on this journey with you – we’ve had so much fun bringing Free Candie to life! We hope you will love your new online home, and can’t wait to see you continue to grow from here. Cheers!

    • October 05 2015

      OK but seriously. WHEN DO YOU TWO SLEEP???

      • October 05 2015

        Haha, I’ll get back to you when we’ve had some ;)

    • October 05 2015

      Thank YOU for essentially being my mentor through all of this! Hahaha. It was awesome working together! I’m going to miss all the Skype chats. I’M SO HAPPY!

  • October 05 2015
    lucy ball

    You go girl. You amaze me with your stories & travel.

  • October 05 2015

    Wow Candie!!! It looks amazing. It’s clear that lots & LOTS of time and effort went into this, and great to see that it all paid off, because everything really looks so smooth and easy to navigate. Enjoy the celebrating and congratulations :) <3

    • October 05 2015

      Thanks SO much Dana! I really appreciate your kind feedback. And you’re right — months and months of work, hahaha.

  • October 05 2015
    Erisa Dilo

    I love your new website!!! Am so excited for you! Good luck Free Candie!

  • October 05 2015


    I absolutely love it, which is no surprise as I absolutely love everything Further Bound does. It’s so clean! And pretty! And professional! And perfect!

    • October 05 2015

      Awww thank you! And I totally agree! Definitely why I ended up choosing them hahaha

  • October 05 2015

    Congratulations on your new name and new look. I look forward to hearing about your adventures going forward, including your book. I will check out all you have to say about Newfoundland.

    • October 05 2015

      Thanks so much, Kerry! I’ve got lots more to write about NFLD :)

  • October 05 2015

    With it being day 1, I’m extremely impressed! I love the new layout and colors and am excited for the new content!! Woohoo! Congrats to you! Can’t wait to see more! Cheers!

    • October 05 2015

      Thanks lady!! I’m so pumped about it too! Wooo! I’m happy you’re following :)

  • October 05 2015

    It looks amazing, and so do you! Congrats!!!

    • October 05 2015

      Aww thanks Jill! I appreciate that!

  • October 05 2015

    I absolutely love your blog design and fonts! Looks great and I can’t wait to read more about your life and travels.
    Brittany recently posted…The Best Things To Do in Valladolid, Mexico

    • October 05 2015

      Thanks so much, Brittany! I appreciate that!

  • October 05 2015
    Shaun Allain

    The rebrand looks killer buddy! CDTW is all grown up.

  • October 05 2015

    i loooooooove it! And I love the way you divided it all up. It’s fantastic and has had me diving deeper and deeper for the last hour!

    • October 06 2015

      YAY! Exactly what I wanted to hear. Thank you!

  • October 05 2015

    Kudos on the new design/layout, and congrats on the next phase of your online home! =)
    Michelle Snow recently posted…Book Review: The Fangirl’s Guide to the Galaxy by Sam Maggs

  • October 05 2015

    Congrats Candice – it looks amazing!! Love the font and colour scheme, and the destinations page! I’m on my phone now, but can’t wait to see it on my laptop!
    Ashley recently posted…Edinburgh Eats: My Favourite Cafes

    • October 06 2015

      Yay, thanks so much! I’m fairly obsessed with my Destinations page hahaha

  • October 06 2015

    wow, this is beautiful!

  • October 06 2015

    Gorgeous new website! Congrats!!!

  • October 06 2015

    Loving this colour scheme sick! Looks fab, best to you.

  • October 06 2015

    Candice, your new site is gorgeous! I’m so excited for you and the direction you are forging. You’re an inspiration and your passion for life is infectious. I look forward to following along on your journey. A heartfelt congratulations!

    PS. I am on your Candice Does the World newsletter list. Does that mean I’m automatically signed up for your Free Candie list or should I re-subscribe?

  • October 06 2015


    Hey! Congrats on the new site. Just launched my own. Looks like you’ve done a ton of work to get this up. Hope it goes gang-busters for you.


  • October 07 2015

    The new site is BEAUTIFUL! Great job to Further Bound, they never disappoint. And great job to you! I’m excited to see everything you do with Free Candie.

    • October 08 2015

      Thanks so much, Neysha! I’m so glad you like it! :)

  • October 16 2015

    Wow Candice this looks fantastic! So excited for you and looking forward to poking around here :)

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