Felix Hagan is my hero: A Twitter convo with a rockstar

Three things I love in this world: Twitter, staying up until 5 AM watching YouTube videos with my friends, and British musicians. That’s a straight-up recipe for love, right there.

While my buddy Rob an I were proclaiming our infatuation with Frank Turner, he introduced me to a handful of other bands in the process. One of my favourites was Felix Hagan & The Family. So I tweeted about it.

Felix responded.

Conversation with Felix Hagan

I was thrilled, and so was Trish. This conversation ensued. (We’re weird. And single.)


The rabbit pâté is in reference to a rather expensive meal I had the night before. I like to keep things classy.

Anyway, so then Felix comes back with this:

Screen Shot 2014-01-27 at 4.44.17 PM

I absolutely love when musicians/authors/artists engage so readily with their loser fans. Social media done right! Check him out, he’s irresistibly talented and handsome, even with face-paint. We’re starting a petition to bring him to Canada.

Also worth checking out: Beans on Toast. You can’t get more British than that. (The excerpt for his website is, “Welcome to the website for english drunk folk singer Beans on Toast.”)

  • January 27 2014
    Maggie BB

    Love twitter for fun moments like that :)
    (also, just bought his album to listen to in surgery tomorrow… yay! :D )

  • January 28 2014

    I believe it was you who introduced me to Frank Turner in one of your posts (I’m also very much in love)

    Liking this new guy too. oh you should check out Ben Marwood, I found him through research more bands like Frank Turner, his pretty good.

    PS: this post is hilarious if not um… weird/creative – love it as always!
    (I think you totally stand a chance with Felix)

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