Favourite yoga gear: prAna is good for the world

When I first started getting more into physical fitness and practicing yoga I didn’t tend to think too much about what I was wearing. I pretty much went with whatever was cheapest at Wal-Mart which hey kind of makes sense when you’re 20 and living off student loans.

I still think of myself as a bargain shopper because, well, I’m a writer. My salary sucks. But if there’s one thing I will never, ever skimp on it’s good fitness gear and good travel equipment. Yes, those are two things. I don’t math very well.

PrAna asked me to try some clothes from their new spring collection and I always get really excited about pants that aren’t jeans and shirts that aren’t itchy. Read: I live in gym clothes. PrAna yoga gear is also fair trade certified, meaning all their gear is made of natural fibers, organic cotton, and recycled materials.

prana yoga gear

Don’t mind Pixel, she’s jealous of my sun salutations.
And like all good yoga pants, they make your butt look FANTASTIC.

prana yoga butt

I actually don’t even know how this photo happened.
I absolutely love how comfortable this outfit is. I wore it several times while hiking in Arizona as well, including to the top of Angel’s Landing, and at the Double Arches.

Double arches

Nowadays when I’m packing for trips I tend to look for clothing that is lightweight and versatile. I’m a chesty woman so to find a tank-top with a built in bra that actually WORKS is like trying to argue sense into a die-hard Duggar family fan that Josh is actually a criminal and not some messenger of god. (Really, really hard.)

prana spring collection 2015

I’m sucking in so hard here.
I love this raincoat for how lightweight and dependable it is. I took it on two major trips with me to Central America and the Western US, rolled up in a tiny little ball in my backpack. It literally took me through a RAINY SEASON and some insane desert rainstorms. I wasn’t quite expecting a rain storm in THE DESERT.

prana rain jacket

Shortly after this photo was taken the skies cracked open and all hell let loose.
And yes, believe it or not, their website ships to Canada. GASP!

They do a lot of other stuff besides yoga as well, like swim wear and dresses. Check out their website. Have you tried prAna?

  • July 04 2020

    I was starting yoga especially after the pandemic hits it’s actually helpful :)

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