Father Troy's Trail

Take this hike: Father Troy’s Trail, from Flatrock to Torbay

In an effort to shed the pounds I’ve acquired while eating all of the feta in Greece, I’ve revamped my life lately and have been kickin’ ass at the gym and elsewhere. This also means less consumption of booze. It’s wonderful how many things you can fit into your day when you’re not nursing a hangover on the futon.

I hit the Father Troy’s Trail on Saturday with Maggie and Steve to complete the 8.6-kilometre route from Flatrock to Torbay. Being part of the East Coast Trail, it’s not a loop and so we had to park a car each at separate ends. 18 kilometres would have been silly.


Start in Flatrock. It’s easier that way.
It was a perfect day for hiking: nice and cool, with hardly a breath of wind to ruffle our hair. The trail remained relatively empty, too. The route takes you along the coast around Flatrock, through some dense pine forest, across boggy marshland, and eventually back into society. There were cows. Do not tip them.


I attempted to be artistic by capturing some mossy rocks. Yay.

Mossy rocks on Father Troy's Trail

Maggie, anticipating berry bushes, brought along a plastic container to collect blueberries and the like. I had full intentions of helping her out, but nothing beats big, juicy Newfoundland blueberries, and so I ended up shoving half of them into my mouth instead. Who needs to wash them first? I survived childhood, after all.

Maggie berry picking

Maggie rocks the most awesome hat. And that’s my man, Ollie. He’s handsome. And he poops a lot.
We stumbled across some raspberry and strawberry bushes as well. Maybe I shouldn’t tell you this information. I want them all to myself.


Hint: Don’t eat too many. Nobody wants to crap themselves on the trail.

The trail is easy to moderate in all places, with only two steep climbs to make you winded. Snacks are advisable. With the two dogs, and the occasional pause for berry pickin’, we finished the whole thing off in about four hours. We took our time, though. I swear I’m not completely out of shape.

The cliffs of Father Troy's Trail

There are some pretty dramatic drop-offs along the way, like the one shown above. I’d advise not letting your dog off-leash, perhaps. Not for those afraid of heights.

  • August 18 2014
    Pamela Winsor-Preza

    my home town, Bay Roberts, has a nice trail, about 5k. It’s called the Shoreline Heritage Trail and takes you right out to Mad Rock which is at the tip of the ‘finger’. It takes you past the original settlement, a few root cellars and an old cemetary. Part of it was in one of the NL tourism ads.

    • August 20 2014

      Nice! I’ll have a look the next time I’m out there. Beautiful part of the island!

  • August 18 2014
    Maggie BB

    That’s my adventure hat! ;D
    Some glad you joined us. We’ll let you know when we hit the trails next :)

  • August 18 2014

    Nothing like picking wild berries on the trail!

  • August 18 2014

    Great photos! It’s pretty nice to pick berries where no one would stop you! haha
    I love your shots! :)

    • August 20 2014

      Thanks, Rachel! Man, we could have picked bucket loads…a fraction of that amount would cost a small fortune at the grocery store, haha.

  • August 18 2014
    Emily Stewart

    Candice, did you know that we have a beach-town called Torbay in the southwest UK, too? And we pick wild blackberries! #smallworld

    • August 20 2014

      Ha! I’m not surprised, seeing as how we’re one of Britain’s oldest colonies. Your Torbay looks way nicer than mine, though.