Doing Canada: Where I’m Going and Where I’ve Been

Happy 2010 and stuff, dear readers. I trust everyone rung in the new year with bubbly champagne, good friends, and lots of breaded shrimp. I decided to keep it low-key this year, as usually my New Years Eve celebrations are epic failures of broken cameras and lots of tears.

As the rest of the world is doing, I feel I should pay homage to the incredible year that was 2009.

-I officially began creating my Internet footprint. I had been writing in my (now dead) blog since 2007, but did not start sharing it until about May. I remember the occasion perfectly: drunk on wine and bored off my ass in my France flat, I commented on a girl’s blog. I was shocked to find she loved my angry redheadedness, and now she’s a dear friend.

I travelled: France, Mexico and Ottawa, Ontario

I made some incredible new friends, offline and online. Some lead me down a respectable path of travel writing, others carried my shoes while I walked home barefoot from George Street.

-I completed MatadorU,
and then joined the Matador Network team as an associate editor.

-I had one of the best summers of my life.
Nothing can replace the warm fuzzies I have when thinking about barbecues on the patio, random excursions for drinks at The Duke of Duckworth, and being able to wear a skirt to work.

-I launched this blog!

Having done all that, I was actually dreading 2010. The date was looming and I was ill-prepared. I decided not to make any resolutions, as 2009 was just so perfectly wonderful.

But today I woke up at 3 p.m. in a disgusting hungover stupor to find my roommate and her boyfriend cooking a delicious turkey dinner, and found myself unbelievably excited for the new year.

So here are some tentative travel plans for 2010, provided I don’t go bankrupt, can still save for Greece, can buy a bottle of Dior “Poison” perfume, and don’t break any bones.

St. Alban’s Come Home Year, 2010 – I think this might just be a Newfoundland thing, but every five years, small communities which lose some/most of its citizens who move away looking for work/education have a huge celebration inviting everyone back for two weeks. Essentially it’s a large family reunion where you reconnect with old classmates, friends and family in pure inebriation. I can’t freaking wait.

I’m also inviting my roommates to join me for some true “bay” experience, mostly involving fried bologna and blood pudding. I’ve already spoken to an old friend about the possibility of him taking us out around the bay for a few nights of camping.

Halifax, Nova Scotia – My best friend lives in Halifax, so I intend to take a long-weekend to see her. Unfortunately I doubt this trip will involve much cultural exploration, as I hear the Halifax Dome has something like 1001 bars in one building? And oh, the shopping! The shopping! My best friend has long been my fashion consultant, so we’ll link arms and exploit our Mastercards.

Edmonton, Alberta – I have a few friends who live in the Edmonton area, not to mention a dozen or more in Fort McMurray. I have a lot of research to do regarding these destinations but I’m sure it will be a fantastic combination of sightseeing, boozing, hitting on strangers and brandishing my Newfie accent whenever possible (note: according to my friends, the previous video I posted is in no way a reflection of the real me).

My friend also wants to take me on a quick tour of Jasper and Banff. I’ve wanted to see Lake Louise ever since I was a kid browsing through my parents’ photo albums.

New York City, TBEX – Maybe? I was surprised to discover I have enough Airmiles to cover my trip, I’m just unsure if I can balance it all with my income. But my obsession with NYC is at in all-time high. I eat, sleep and dream NYC. Plus I want to meet all my fantastic followers and co-workers.

So that’s it. I’m not really doing the world just yet, but I’m at least going to do Canada. Oh yes, Canada has no idea what it’s in for.

My first forays into doing Canada.

  • January 02 2010

    Cool man, cool. I like Edmonton. It gets kind of a bad rep for being a frozen redneck outpost, but I always have a good time there. The people are super nice, there are some tasty restaurants, and plenty to do. Sometimes the unlikely tourist cities are the most fun :)

    Best of luck to you in 2010! I suspect you’ll have a great year.

    • January 04 2010

      Thanks, Shawn! I thought Fort McMurray was the redneck outpost?! It’s where all the Newfies flock to. Haaaah. I’m kidding. Can’t wait to check it out though.

  • January 02 2010

    Rock n Roll Candice! I agree with Shawn, Edmonton is actually not a bad place to get wrecked in. I prefer it over Calgary to be honest, the downtown area of Edmonton has improved a lot in the last few years. Lots of good eats and drinks around there.

    Congrats on 09 btw. And when you make it to Halifax you should get in touch with me, we’ll tackle some whiskey or rum together! Besta luck in Twenty Ten!

    • January 04 2010

      Ahh yes, I forgot you live in Hali!! I will most definitely be in touch, if my friend doesn’t mind me not devoting all my time to her, haha.

  • January 02 2010

    it all sounds very exciting! I too need to see more of Canada sometime soon. You should stop by Toronto/Niagara during your Canadian travels!!
    also…come home year sounds so cool!! what a neat idea.

    • January 04 2010

      I would LOVE to go to both those places! Someday! If I ever leave St. John’s within the next few years, I’ll most likely be settling in the Ottawa area…so I’ll get around a bit more then. :)

  • January 02 2010

    I hope you are able to get everywhere you want to go. I got to say talking to some of the Canadians here in SK, it sounds like there are a lot of really cool places to visit. I am also dying to get to NYC. I had a trip planned a few years back but had to cancel last minute. Looking forward to hearing about your trips as you go.

    • January 04 2010

      I bet there’s a lot of Canadians there, eh? I’m sure you’ll meet some Newfoundlanders! I hope I make it to NYC too, thanks.

  • January 02 2010

    I hear you on TBEX, I head for Europe roughly when it is on. I just don’t know if my finances will allow me to fly there via New York to meet all of these lovely people behind the internet.

    • January 04 2010

      Don’t worry, there’ll be another one the following year, I’m sure. :)

  • January 02 2010

    I love traveling! I think seeing Canada sounds great, plus I especially love that you want to go to NYC. I always have an amazing time there! :)

    • January 04 2010

      I LOVE your recent pics of the place, really, really makes me want to go.

  • January 03 2010

    Hope to see you at TBEX! Happy New Year Candice


    • January 04 2010

      That would be amazing, you too Lola!

  • January 03 2010

    I think the come home year might be a Newfoundland thing, as I’ve never heard of it. That sounds like great fun, though.

    I hope you accomplish all you want and travel everywhere you wish in 2010, Candice.

    • January 04 2010

      Thanks, Sabina!! Maybe I’ll see you in NYC. :)

  • January 03 2010

    At the risk of sounding like a broken record COME TO TBEX! We will have so much fun!

    • January 04 2010

      Only if you promise to make an ass of yourself so I’m not the only one to do so!

  • January 04 2010

    Great to hear you’re heading over to Nova Scotia for a visit. Why don’t you extend your trip and come on up to the Authentic Seacoast. Here are 101 activities waiting for you at the head of the largest bay on the Nova Scotia Atlantic coast:

    Have a great 2010. Safe travels!

    Doug at the Authentic Seacoast

    • January 04 2010

      I’d love to get to the Cape Breton area, nearly all my friends I went to school with are from there! I feel like it’s Newfoundland’s counterpart. Thanks for the info!

  • January 04 2010

    Quite some achievements for 2009, all the best for 2010 Candice :-)

    • January 04 2010

      Thanks Rob, it’s been a lovely year!

  • January 06 2010

    Sounds like exciting stuff is in store for you! Congrats on everything in 2009. :) I’m super stoked that you’re thinking about coming to TBEX! woohoo!

    • January 06 2010

      Oh man, I want to go SO BADLY! I’m totally crashing on the floor of your hotel room! lol

      • January 09 2010

        word up-can’t wait! :)