Disappointment, Running Into Doors, and Donkey Riding

I’ve had one of those weeks where I want to climb into a bath, light some scented candles, cry in an overly dramatic fashion and then complain about it on my blog, like so.

Yesterday morning, my coworker greeted me and said, “We might have a snow day tomorrow!”

Laser beams flashed from my eyes. “WHAT DID YOU SAY?”

The poor girl single-handedly crushed my dreams without even knowing it.

Yeah, massive storm moving in, according to Environment Canada, The Weather Network, and Yahoo. 10-15 cm threatening my weekend getaway with my best friend. I spent the morning in a frenzy between completing a major document for the CEO of my company, and trying to figure out if I could get an evening flight.

I didn’t. 9 pm, Westjet cancelled my flight scheduled for 7 a.m this morning…10 hours in advance.

So imagine my surprise when I wake up this morning to find rain. Lots of rain. Not a snowflake in the freaking sky. My roommate went to the airport at 5 a.m and is now on his way to Venezuela.

Dick move, Westjet.

I did manage to reschedule my flight for 13:45, but I’m losing precious hours from a two-day trip.

So, in an effort to fend off the bitterness creeping into my morning, I decided to post this picture. A picture that perfectly sums up my life, another example of why you should probably know me. Because I really need a laugh right now.

Like a bird to a window...so are the days of my life.
This is me after I leaped across the room like a gazelle, all graceful and poised and ready for a night out in Mexico. And then I slammed into the glass patio door like a bird.

My friends came rushing out of the bathroom to find me crouched on the floor. Since we’ll all enjoy making fun of one another for years to come, they took pictures, of course.

This might have been my favourite night in Maya Riviera. A few of us got locked out of our room, and waited for over an hour for service. We grabbed some Dos Equis, hooked up an iPod, and danced a jig to Donkey Ridin’. Because who else is going to bring a little bit of Newfie culture to the south?

I’m out of here in three hours, my best friend just messaged me and said she’s so excited, she feels like she’s “on crack.” Look out Halifax!

  • February 19 2010

    Good luck with you trip!

  • February 19 2010

    If everything went perfectly, what would we blog about?! I hope you girls have fun!!! This is hilarious; you are hilarious. They’d better get you there soon… I want to hear stories of girls’ weekend shenanigans!

  • February 19 2010

    Have fun on your trip Candice. I’m already looking forward to finding out what you get up too :)

  • February 19 2010

    GAH! That sucks. Dick Move, indeed. On the plus side, the karma that you’ve accrued from this b.s. will probably mean very, very good things for you. I’m secretly convinced that the biggest fuck-ups in our travel life lead to some of the best experiences.

    So keep it all up, sugar. It will make a great story. But please, do watch out for closed glass doors. Or buy a helmet. Either way.

    • February 25 2010

      Sold on the helmet idea…and you’re right, the trip went smashingly!

  • February 19 2010

    Good luck with your trip! I know just how you feel. I’ve been planning a weekend trip to see my best friend in Washington DC, and have had to cancel twice due to the snowstorms we’ve been getting every freakin’ weekend. I’m going next week, but they’re calling for snow again! Can’t win!!

    • February 25 2010

      Seriously, and ALWAYS on a Friday! WTH!

  • February 19 2010

    I can’t stop laughing at the aftermath picture of You vs. The Glass Door. Happens to the best of us, gf.

    • February 25 2010

      Hahaha, at least I learned my lesson…maybe.

  • February 19 2010

    “I’ve had one of those weeks where I want to climb into a bath, light some scented candles, cry in an overly dramatic fashion and then complain about it on my blog, like so.”

    SAME HERE. only without the complaining on my blog. work has been super depressing. i almost cried at the gym today just because. Sunday I will be having epic peppermint bubble bath. (no baths when on call, goddammit.)

    BUT ANYHOW. I’m hugely glad you’re getting away despite the delay! less hours for fun is a downer, but no fun at all would have been so much worse!!!

    as an aside, when Peter heard that Susan had crushed you, he took it literally and thought she had dropped something on you. I lol’d. ;D

    • February 25 2010

      LOL! That is HILARIOUS. Leave it up to the office to be so quiet about it too right. “Candice got crushed by a huge computer.” “Shhh.”

  • February 19 2010

    Hope you have an awesome time!! Will be fun to read about all adventures ;)

  • February 19 2010

    Where in Venezuela are you going?? If your near the coast I would so recommend hopping on a prop plane and heading to the Venezuelan Islands of Los Roques for some tropical bliss!! Here’s some info if you ever need it: http://tinyurl.com/ykqz3xh and some great photos of the area: http://tinyurl.com/ykpzvbb
    Hope you have such a great time it hurt in the morning!! ;) he he

    • February 25 2010

      Oh no, it is my roommate that is in venezuela…I simply went to Halifax! Hehe, I love that this rumour started, everyone on Twitter thinks I’m in Venezuela too…and I can’t look at those pics becaues then I will definitely hate my roommate.

  • February 19 2010

    Have fun! And watch out for anymore glass patio doors my friend… you’ll never get to the debauchery if you don’t make it out the door!

    • February 25 2010

      Hahahahaha, words of wisdom!

  • February 19 2010

    have fun in halifax candice ! and remember…the buddy system is a must in the dome, and eat lots of pizza, you will be amazed at how much better it is in Nova Scotia :P

    • February 25 2010

      All I had was veggie pizza from the King of Donair!! We couldn’t even find Pizza Corner! Wtf! So mad

  • February 19 2010

    Have fun on your trip!! Glad that the skies cooperated enough for you to get out of there :-)

  • February 20 2010

    Candice – I like the video! Next time I get locked out of somewhere, maybe I’ll start dancing. It’s more fun than just sitting around on the floor outside the door.

    And I’m glad to hear you made it to Halifax!! I hope you have a tremendous blast!

    • February 25 2010

      It really was, random dance parties are the best! Hah. Halifax was a blast, stay tuned…

  • February 20 2010

    Have fun, Candice! Same thing happened with my flight to lovely, WARM Newport Beach (CA), cutting a precious day and and a half off of my 3.5 day trip with my bestfriend. BUT. When I went to the airport to return, it was blizzarding in Dallas, through which I was routed. Dallas has no idea how to deal with snow. No flights for 2 days. Stuck with best friend in lovely, 70 degree weather.

    So you never know….

    • February 25 2010

      I ALMOST got stuck, arg! But turns out that was quite enough time. Lovely trip, just the same.

  • February 21 2010
    Katie Oakes

    Ha, nothing like a bit of blog writing stress relief! Have an amazing weekend!

  • February 24 2010

    ohhhh great big sea…so awesome.
    i hope you’re having a great time in halifax!!

    • February 25 2010

      Hehehe, I’m glad you like them. Thanks!

  • February 25 2010

    I know you had a blast in Halifax, a trip that was VERY well deserved. :)

    And hahaha-love your slamming-into-glass story from Mexico. Priceless.

    • February 25 2010

      Thanks Nancy! It was quite the trip.

  • March 02 2010

    I am confused. Where are you going? Mexico, Venezuala or Halifax? Sorry to hear about the cancellations, but I do love the photo of you. It is exactly how I imagine you, laughing and having a great time even in the worst of circumstances.

    • March 02 2010

      Aww, thank you! :) Haha, I love all the confusion that came from this post…my roommate is in Venezuela, we simply had a flight out of St. John’s at the same time on the same day…Mexico was in the past! Just needed some sweet sunshine memories to make the whole situation more bearable.

  • March 03 2010

    Just discovered your websites tonight and you must be doing something right because I have no idea who you are but I like you. You do an excellent job of projecting personality.


    • March 04 2010

      Such a lovely comment, thanks Chris! Glad you’ve stopped by.

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