Delta Hotels are all about the Details

I am not a classy gal. Sometimes I eat with my elbows on the table, I like tall pints of beer, and I’m not afraid to drop an f-bomb in the middle of a 5-star restaurant.

I can already see the guys lining up to take me on a date.

And despite being a poor travel writer without two pennies to rub together, sometimes I like a bit of luxury. Luckily for me, during my Cross-Canada trip, Delta Hotels decided to give this travel writer a little bit of VIP treatment with some complimentary stays at their facilities.

I had never stayed at a Delta until this year, but it was worth the wait. In St. John’s, Delta is kinda respected from afar by middle-class folk like me. But on our Canadian adventure, we started in Delta Chelsea, smack-dab in the centre of Toronto, and moved on to Sault Ste Marie and then Winnipeg. And while each hotel operates under the same principles of quality and service, each location had its own distinct perks.

Delta Chelsea, Toronto, Ontario: After breakfast in the Bb33 Bistro, one of 438943893 restaurants/pubs onsite, the waitress handed me an empty Starbucks cup so I could take away the leftover coffee. I’ve never known another restaurant to do this, and I was so tickled pink, I raved to Cailin about it for the rest of the journey. Even she considered it delightfully thoughtful, and she doesn’t even drink coffee.

I love those little details. Never mind the fact that Cailin casually dropped the fact that it was her birthday the day we checked in, and then discovered a tray loaded with cake, wine, tea and goodies waiting for her in her room a few hours later. I love when people care. It made for one of those memorable mid-trip moments…all fancied up in party dresses for a night on the town after hours of driving, sipping wine on a balcony overlooking downtown Toronto for my first visit in the city ever.

Those details work.

ready to go out in toronto, ontario

Delta Sault Ste Marie, Ontario: The beds, and the glorious wrap-around deck. Never in my life have I slept in a bed comparable to the one I occupied at Delta Sault Ste Marie. Considering I’m actually in love with my bed at home in St. John’s and I rave about it endlessly, this is a big deal for me. I mean, I spent a large chunk of savings on my pillow-top mattress and comfy bedding, and it’s actually a reason I’m chained to the Rock. No, seriously.


After talking to General Manager Kevin Wyer, we were informed that employees of the hotel have actually ordered the same bed to use at home. I’m not even making that up.

Delta Sault Ste Marie got a facelift! She’s a beauty.

Then just sit on the deck, order some grub and drink some beers while enjoying a view of St. Mary’s River. You can literally see Michigan from there.

Delta Winnipeg, Manitoba: Last but not least, Delta Winnipeg with its heated bathroom floor and ceiling heat lamp. I sat on the toilet with a full bladder and thought I had peed on my toes before I realized the floors were heated. Then when I rushed to send Cailin a text message about it, she had already written, “MY BATHROOM FLOOR IS HEATED!” I love how both of our immediate reactions were to text one another.

Then I figured out how to use the heat lamp once I got out of the shower, and my life hasn’t been the same since.

Added bonus: they have this whole new Delta Greens thing going on, which Kevin discussed with enthusiasm. From their site: When we reach our targets in five years, we will have saved enough energy to power 21,000 homes for one year, reduced carbon dioxide that is the equivalent to taking 15,000 cars off the road for one year, saved enough water to fill 900 Olympic swimming pools and reduced and diverted waste that’s the equivalent of 640 dumpster trucks.

Noble, Delta. Thank you for all the little details!

  • June 23 2011

    LOL, love the bathroom floor story. These sound like great hotels. Nothing peeves me more than when I order coffee for breakfast and they bring me an entire pot (for the price of an entire pot) when I can only drink a cup. I love the idea of giving a cup to take away the leftovers. Brilliant.

    • June 24 2011

      I agree! Might as well if you’ve paid for it, eh? I thought it was brilliant too.

  • June 23 2011

    These hotels sound fantastic. I worked at a hotel, and I know it’s the extra details that make a hotel stay go from good to amazing. And I totally get your attachment to your bed. I’ve also invsested in my bed, and I love it. It’s the one thing (aside from friends and family of course) that I’ll miss when I’m long term travelling.

    • June 24 2011

      Hehehe, I think it’s because a good bed is so hard to find. Like, super hard.

  • June 23 2011

    Sounds sooo yummy! I like roughing it a little bit, but I love luxury. I hope you’ll get a lot more complimentary stays in the future!

    • June 24 2011

      Thanks Sabina, me too. ;) Otherwise I’d never have these experiences.

  • June 26 2011

    LOVE the little details. I don’t think I’ve ever stayed at a Delta – little to classy for me. But maybe one day!! Occurs to me that when I go on CE paid for by work, I can totally stay at the NICE hotel, as opposed to the CHEAP hotel..

    (that being said, last night I as at the cheapest motel I could find, and while it certainly wasn’t luxury, they were still very nice and I enjoyed my stay. When my ride was late, a staffer noticed me still waiting and offered to let me back in a room to watch TV while I wait *thumbsup*)

    • June 30 2011

      Yeah, I probably couldn’t afford to do it right now under normal circumstances, hahaha. But when I’m rich, Delta is definitely one of my top choices.

  • June 28 2011

    OOoooo! Swanky!
    I would totally be thrown out!

    • June 30 2011

      I can’t believe I didn’t get thrown out!

  • May 01 2013
    Alexandra George

    I recently stayed at the Delta in Winnipeg, and I can’t get over their beds. Like you, I am also in love with my bed at home. However, since staying in Winnipeg, I don’t love it quite as much anymore.

  • June 23 2013

    I was searching for the type of mattress used in the delta hotel we stayed in Sault Ste Marie and saw this! We stayed there a year and a half ago and still rave about the bed. Do you know what brand it is? We never did look to see before we left.

  • June 23 2013

    I was searching for the type of mattress used in the delta hotel we stayed in Sault Ste Marie and saw this! We stayed there a year and a half ago and still rave about the bed. Do you know what brand it is? We never did look to see before we left.

    • June 25 2013

      Apparently their mattresses are custom made…sigh! But the brand is Simmons, if that helps

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