Dancing My Face Off in an English Street

In an effort to keep my blog’s existence from being crowded out while I’m away in New York City partying it up and networking with awesome people, I’ve set up this blog post in advance. Did you miss me?


The following is one of my all-time favourite photos, captured after the mock Elizabethan Banquet on the last day of exams in Harlow, England. We drank wine and broke bread with royalty at Hatfield House, watched a sword fight, and became increasingly drunk and rowdy while the other tables looked on in embarrassed shock. It was Hannah’s birthday, and she kept making suggestive comments to the proper Englishmen sitting next to us.

It was a bizarre feeling, sitting at a fancy banquet table with Queen Elizabeth singing over your shoulder while weaving in and out of a wine-induced buzz.

Yep, that’s usually how dancing in the street like this happens.

That's how I do.

That\’s how I do.

  • June 28 2010

    I do miss you!
    I had some drunken adventures this weekend that involved dancing, and singing loudly, in the street… always a good time ;)

    • July 02 2010

      Well then, why haven’t I heard about these yet?! Haha.

  • June 28 2010

    Amazing picture! Even more amazing dancing ;)

    • July 02 2010

      Lol, thanks! Too much fun, I miss that night.

  • June 29 2010

    Those are the best memories.

    • July 02 2010

      Nothing like those wild Elizabethan times.

  • June 29 2010

    love the photo, it’s a party.

  • July 02 2010

    this is like my favorite post i have come across today… the blurred kinetic energy of the photo is awesome!

    • July 06 2010

      Hehe, thanks Josh! I love the energy in it too.

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