Canada’s most awesome beer cooler

It’s been a frigid winter, and our outdoor garbage bin has gotten the worst of it. It’s stood immobile on our back deck for months now, entirely filled with frozen ice.

Matt, being the monkey he is, flipped the whole thing over the other day to see if we could empty the can. Instead we found Canada’s most epic beer cooler.

I wanted to put fish in it, actually. But I figured I’d rather not deal with the psychos running PETA, and beer is just more fun anyway.

I suppose we should wash off those cans before consumption.

  • February 25 2012

    just wipe ’em down with a sanitizing wipe, you’ll be good to go! ;D

    (to bad you didn’t have any seal meat around to toss in there. that would’ve gotten ya some PETA attention. ;) )

    • February 28 2012

      Oh man, with some moose meat in the mix too.

  • February 27 2012

    And as it slowly melts you’ll gain room for even more cans!

  • February 27 2012

    How I miss Canada! I say you put a bunch of fish in there and then you can go ice fishing. Keep it extra-Canadian. Ten points if you do this with ten friends of different ethnicity and backgrounds. Mmmm. Politically correct multicultural pie.

    • February 28 2012

      LOL! Multicutural pie. Guess that’s why I’m a ginger with MiqMaq heritage.

  • February 27 2012

    Yep, that is pretty awesome!

  • February 27 2012

    That is a very good way to be resourceful!

  • March 04 2012

    Now that is cool! Literally. Brings back so good memories of my travels to Canada back in 2005.

    • March 07 2012

      Most good Canadian memories involve beer! ;)

  • March 05 2012

    Ha, that’s great! Reminds me of winter cottaging in Ontario – we would just leave the beer and coolers out in the snow.

    • March 07 2012

      Hahaha, yes! I’ve filled many a bathtub with snow to keep my beer cold…

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