A few impressions of the “Paris of Argentina:” Buenos Aires

First of all, don’t use that expression. Ever.

Second of all, if you’re a single female, brush up on your Spanish. You will want to talk to every Argentinean man you see, because they are beautiful. Beautiful. Gareth Leonard documents this phenomena extensively at Tourist2Townie, but I cannot adequately stress the overwhelming abundance of man-candy in Buenos Aires. My head was on a swivel, and my loins were afire. Pretty much the whole time.


Buenos Aires really likes their nightclubs to come with blinding strobe lights. After paying 100 pesos for cover to a club named Asia, I literally had difficulty seeing. Some dude started dancing with me, and I still don’t know what he looked like. I kept screaming, “NO HABLO ESPANOL!” But it didn’t matter. I decided the scene probably wasn’t good for someone who has seizure tendency, so I fled.

There are bookstores EVERYWHERE, like on every corner. What is it up with that? Used books, new books, children’s books…fortunately, since I would have been tempted to stop in EVERY SINGLE ONE, none of those books were written in English. Whew.

La Boca.

It’s really hard to get by with just English. I stumbled through conversation with the occasional “de nada” and “por favour” and “cerveza!” but could not negotiate prices. I didn’t really mind though. In fact, it was delightful.

Argentinean drivers are fucking crazy.

The minimal arts scene I saw was incredible, and I could kick myself for not bringing back a few items from La Boca. I overdosed on colours.

I’m surprisingly good at tango. Okay, so we learned like, three moves in total, but considering I have all the grace and aplomb of a 90-year old woman…I did alright. And I enjoyed it. The tango show we were treated to later was overwhelmingly fast and beautiful, and I’m still shocked that the ladies never once nailed their partner in the nads when kicking between their legs. Can you imagine that sort of precision? I wonder if the men wear cups.

If only we knew what he was saying.

I love steak, but not when it’s leaking blood.

Eat pizza at Guerrin. Your life will never be the same.

I’ve decided that I can’t place one particular “vibe” on Buenos Aires. Two days really isn’t enough time, and the city’s so ridiculously big, I don’t even know where to begin. I’d probably never live there, and I’m sure I’d never fit in. But if I could spend more time wandering the crowded streets accompanied by an Argentinean man and eating heavy croissants for breakfast washed down with perfectly brewed coffee…I’d be okay with that.

Thanks, Contiki, for a little taste of Argentina!

  • October 12 2011

    That sounds like a place I could never go alone, but would love to visit with someone who is a little less overwhelmed by the world compared to me ;)
    I can’t even begin to imagine being as percise in my movements with my legs as tango dancers. I’m good with my hands, but the rest of my body is an accident waiting to happen. . .
    (and I realized I have 2 injured fingers that might dispute the “good with my hands” part… but I swear I’m an excellent surgeon ;P )

    anyhow. So colourful! weeeee!

  • October 12 2011

    I went with Contiki for a Eurotrip, and I loved how they provided these great little unforgettable experiences (alluding to the shamans belessing post). Despite being inherently tacky (as an organized bus tour), they do a good job at giving a lot of fond memories! :)

    • October 14 2011

      Yep, I’d book with them again! I love what they’re doing.

  • October 12 2011

    So…book me in on the next flight to Buenos Aires and its hot Argentinian men, please.

    • October 14 2011

      It was very, VERY hard to leave.

  • October 12 2011

    We are definitely going when we start our RTW trip (only 2.5 more months)! Although I don’t know how you only spent two days… I am going to have to at least spend a few weeks. I’ll just be sure to wear my tightest jeans to keep the wife focused on me and not the locals!

    • October 14 2011

      I had no choice, I was on a press trip! Sadface. But you will love it! GOOD LUCK

  • October 13 2011

    I’m a sucker for colourful buildings, but then you had to mention things like bookstores, hot men, art and coffee and now Buenos Aires seems pretty fantastic.

    • October 14 2011

      GO! St. John’s also has some pretty colourful buildings. :)

  • October 14 2011

    Just after two days and you got a good grasp of the city. But all Argentinian men are beautiful?? C’mon…I see some streeetch in this comment.

    • October 14 2011

      Nope, I NEVER exaggerate in my writing. EVER.


      Although mostly, yes…all of them.

  • October 14 2011

    Bookstores…YES! Can’t wait. We’ve made a month-long apartment apartment booking in B.A. as part of our upcoming travels, and I’m anxious to get there, settle in, and start wandering the streets.

  • October 15 2011

    Do you have to be single to enjoy the eye candy, I think not.

  • April 22 2014

    2 days was definitely not enough time there! There’s so much more to Argentina than La Boca and the night clubs, although the night clubs do get crazy. I spent a week there and felt like it wasn’t enough time. I also think it’s referred to the Paris of South America because it’s the most European city in all of South America, I felt like I was in Madrid. You should definitely go back if you have the chance!

  • July 11 2018

    Now Im even more excited about my trip to Buenos Aires. Museums, beautiful buildings AND hot men.

    • August 10 2018

      You will melt. I promise.

  • June 28 2019

    It reminds me of my trip to Argentine Patagonia when I visit the glaciers of El Calafate and Chalten.

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