Ultra Cosy Apartment Split

The best apartment rental ever in Split, Croatia

After jumping from hostel to hotel for over a month while travelling through the Balkans, I was looking for an apartment rental in Split, Croatia, and then was offered an opportunity with Flipkey. It’s like TripAdvisor’s own accommodations-by-owner site. I had about four days to recuperate before heading out on The Yacht Week with my friends. I knew I needed the downtime, desperately, before a week of boozing and cruising the Adriatic Sea with myriads of inflatable devices began.

So I booked Ultra Cosy Apartment Split, and made it there a day before my friends started rolling in. I showed up at the bus stop, and Viktor (one of the owners) met me there. Maybe I should have been more ill at least about meeting a very tall stranger at a bus stop in a foreign city in a foreign country, but then he smiled a dazzling smile and all was well in the world.

Ultra Cosy Apartment in Split

Photo courtesy of Ultra Cosy Apartment Split

Viktor showed me around the apartment, set me up with the Internet, brewed me a cup of coffee, and sat down to make some personal recommendations on things to see and do.

The spacious apartment had three large bedrooms, with two bathrooms, and a massive living area. There was room for SO MANY ACTIVITIES. There was also a balcony. By the time I had dragged my bags of groceries back to the apartment, I was beside myself. (Literally – the place had a lot of mirrors.) It had been MONTHS since I had an apartment to myself, and the space was overwhelming. I danced around, made dinner, ran back and forth between the rooms, read a book on the patio, flaked out on the couch in my pajamas, did yoga. Maja, the other owner, had informed me that a welcome basket had been left out. With Nutella. NUTELLA.


By the time the rest of the gang showed up – Trish, Melissa, Nick, and James — things were in full swing. We made dinners together, drank beers, and started prepping for The Yacht Week. Most of the others had never met each other before, all being mutual friends of me. But we clicked so well, and that apartment was a great place to do it. Maja even showed up with a cot for us, for extra sleeping space, and didn’t even bat an eyelash at the mess of costumes, crafts, and beer bottles everywhere. (We cleaned up well, don’t worry.)

Our crew in Split


The whole unsuspecting gang, unaware of what’s to come
Trish paints my toenails



Trish hard at work painting my toenails. Earlier Nick had dropped a beer bottle which shattered and sliced open my calve. I still have that scar, srsly.
Prepping for The Yacht Week


The location is fab: About a 20-minute walk from the city center, but also next to all amenities, including a massive Joker mall. Trish and I sought out a pubcrawl on our first night in Split, made some great new friends, and then proceeded to get lost for hours on the way home. Our sense of direction isn’t great. The tour leader even found us wandering the streets and picked us up to drive us home…then we got lost again outside the complex. I’m not kidding.

Split is beautiful


Split is beautiful.
The best part? Viktor and Maja invited us to meet them for a beer one evening, and so we made our way to them in the Old Town. They took us up Marjan Hill, a sort of trail that led us to a small bar with comfortable outdoor seating and the best damned view of the city and the sea. I fell in love with Split at that point, I think. I much preferred it to Dubrovnik, especially for all the warm and hospitable people we met along the way. And our pubcrawl friends.


photo 2 (1)


Myself with Trish and Melissa atop the hill
Four nights at this place cost us just over $500USD for five people. That’s cheaper than most hostels, my friends. Book it here and you’ll thank me later.



  • September 05 2014
    Lauren @BonVoyageLauren

    That price is pretty damn attractive. And so is the apartment! Thanks for sharing :)

    • September 08 2014

      Very welcome! I’ve found that to be the upside of travelling in larger groups — cheaper rentals.

  • September 05 2014

    Ok, that apartment is awesome on so many levels, but also you get points for a) Stepbrothers reference and b) mirror jokes. Did the Nutella last until your friends arrived?

    • September 08 2014

      Bahaha, I’m so glad you got the reference!

    • September 08 2014

      (And yes, actually, Trish was the one who mostly ate the Nutella. Ha.)

  • September 09 2014

    That apartment looks fantastic. One of my recent hobbies is fawning over Airbnb apartments around the world online. I’ll have to check out this site for more planning/daydreaming opportunities.

    • September 11 2014

      Yes! New fave way to travel, with apartment rentals by owner. I’ve had great Airbnb experiences as well.

  • September 14 2014

    This apartment looks great. Apartment rental is actually the best way to go in Croatia. You get the best value for your money. When you are few and you share expenses, it’s even cheaper than a hostel, and you have so much more comfort.

    • September 15 2014

      Agreed 100%. I had a lovely apartment in Dubrovnik too, for a great price.