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Awesome things: Literary gifts

My new favourite shop in the whole world is Uncommon Goods, and not just because I like to order things from online without ever having to put on pants and go out in public.

I’m a big fan of any business that caters to independent artisans, but it’s rare to find a shop that sells things that are ridiculously beautiful/fun/quirky and also doesn’t overshoot my meagre writer budget.

You know I like to read, right? Check out these scarves. This one is “Jane Eyre.”

Literary scarf

AND, AND “Black Beauty” gloves.

literary gloves
They both have text from the actual books. I’m geeking out so hard. Yesterday I donned my full literary apparel and took off to a bookstore in Prenzlauer Berg to peruse their 50% off sale. I was feeling pretty literary and maybe even a little pretentious, while skimming through old books with my hands flaunting “Black Beauty.”

Tori Tissell is the artist with a flair for fashion and literature. Her and and her husband create these works together.

Uncommon Goods sent me these literary gifts to try out. They’re pretty ideal for wife, girlfriend, friend, etc. But then I started digging around for more bookish treasures and I could not. Stop. (None of these links are affiliates, btw. I just want to put these things in my imaginary house.)

a book that hides a flask

This is a flask book box by Talia Halliday. Naturally this is my favourite thing. If only such a thing existed while I was in university, and if only I drank whiskey or something similarly suited.

giraffe book-ends

This giraffe family book-end set is the most adorable thing in the world.

USB typewriter

THIS USB TYPEWRITER OMG. This is all I ever wanted in life. Why does it have to be so expensive?!

banned books socks

Or these banned book socks, with the titles censored on one sock. (Not for the folks who think mismatched socks are sinful.)

I actually didn’t know that some of these were banned. Incidentally, most of these seem to be favourites of mine. “Gone With the Wind” was banned? Really? I guess Scarlett O’Hara was too much of a free-thinking woman in her day.

banned book mugs

The socks would go nicely with these banned book mugs, with the same titles. You could basically dress up in your literary scarf and mitts and socks and drink Earl Grey while reading banned books. I do suggest “Gone With the Wind.”

recycled books necklace

Or you can pair your new literary look with this Words of Wisdom necklace. The artists takes discarded books and makes them beautiful again, so you’re guaranteed to not find two of the same pieces.

literary candles

While reading, light a literary candle and get transported to a literary place, like a Mad Tea Party (Alice in Wonderland) with bergamot, lavender, jasmine, and a medley of craziness.

who in the world am i

You can do it while gazing upon this watercolour Through the Looking Glass print, while pondering over the existential question: “Who in the world am I?” Or, oh my gosh, there’s an Anne Shirley print.

well read women

And when that’s all said and done you can write about it in your Well-Read Women journal. If I didn’t already have 20 notebooks floating around this apartment I’d be all over that.

Anyway, I’m sorry. I literally only meant to write about my scarves and mitts and then I got lost down the rabbit-hole of book things. (Get it? Rabbit hole? Alice in Wonderland?)

  • February 01 2016

    I love these, especially the literary candles. It’s my New Year resolution to read more and all of these have given me a little boost of inspiration.

    • February 02 2016

      I find the more I push myself to read, the more obsessed I get with reading! It’s a good thing. :)

  • February 01 2016

    OMG – I WANT THEM ALL! If only I had a house…although I could always buy the gloves and the scarf!

    • February 02 2016

      Hahaha right?! Never mind all the other cool stuff on the site…

  • February 02 2016

    I want that typewriter!

    • February 09 2016

      Isn’t it awesome?!

  • February 12 2016

    Wow this website is amazing!
    I want to get so much from it.
    Brooklyn recently posted…My Productive Day Off

    • February 15 2016

      RIGHT?! Doing all my Christmas shopping there next year

  • March 13 2017

    Great picks Candice! That usb typewriter is such a cool idea. Love the candles too =)
    Emmy recently posted…Top 5 Ring Candles

    • March 14 2017

      Thanks Emily!

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