Any Mummers, Nice Mummers ‘Lowed in?

This time of year, I’m lit up like a Christmas tree with fond memories and nostalgia. Crappy 80s Christmas decorations, the smell of a freshly cut evergreen, my mother cursing over sugar cookies and my father pouring another glass of rum while I dig into a third box of Icy Squares. Then there’s the after-taste of $2.50 White Russians at the local pub’s Boxing Day party, not to mention my parents’ disapproval in the mornings.

Anyway, I feel like every year I say, “Christmas isn’t what it used to be.” Mostly it’s true, Christmas is for kids. But today I felt that old thrill of happiness and excitement when I went to see the first annual St. John’s Mummers Parade, followed by a Christmas party at The Rooms.

My favourite was the little boy wearing a bra outside his winter jacket.

I didn’t stay long at the party as I had to brave the mall to finish up my shopping. Unfortunately I missed out on the Purity syrup and cookies.

Conclusion? Next year me and my comrades are definitely participating, we really regretted not doing so this year. I wish we had planned a Mummers Party here before everyone started their holidays, but alas, even the gingerbread house remains unfinished. I figure our party would involve more alcohol and the eventual shedding of clothing, however.

I’m incredibly happy that groups like this keep the Newfoundland spirit alive. Happy Mummering!

  • December 20 2009

    I love it, just the sort of crazy that goes hand in hand with a beer or 10 and a hell of a lot of laughter. If/when I make it to that part of the world it has to be during christmas time just so I can join in the festivities.

    • December 21 2009

      Trust me, the festivities do NOT end with Christmas!

  • December 21 2009

    White Russians! How I love thee — wouldn’t perchance be Lotties you’re writing about?

    • December 21 2009

      Holy CRAP I can’t believe you mentioned Lotties! My friends and I practically live there, and I still haven’t figured out why, as the whole place smells like a toilet. So wonderful. But no, I’m referring to the pub in my hometown on the south coast…but nothing beats Lotties white russians. :)

  • December 21 2009

    What, are icy squares??

    And Your parts sound so much fun around the holidays. I’m intrigued by this mummering business, though I’m still not sure I get it… I’m glad to see your getting a bit into the holidays Candice!!

    • December 26 2009

      *GASP! Maybe they’re a Canadian thing, they’re delicious little chocolates that are all smooth and refreshing. MMMM. You must come try this mummering business!

  • December 21 2009

    I wonder who the little boy borrowed that bra from? Looks like a fun time.

    • December 26 2009

      It looked like a training bra, big sister is probably fuming.

  • December 21 2009

    You guys really dance jigs to fiddle music? I don’t know why I’ve never quite believed that when you’ve mentioned it before. Now, that is unique! Another tasty tidbit about Newfoundland.

    And your memories of your typical family Christmas are heartwarmingly hilarious!

  • December 22 2009

    Happy Mummering indeed! Such a crazy cool tradition. Enjoy the “dude”-ness of those $2.50 white russians too. That’s pretty baller.

    • December 26 2009

      Oh man, so awesome compared to the drinks in St. John’s. I feel like a rich person at home.

  • December 23 2009

    This looks so fun! Those creepy horse costumes are amazing. I love community traditions like this!

    • December 26 2009

      Hahaha, they are creepy as HELL. One had flashing red lights for eyes. Aghh.

  • January 07 2010

    Most awesome :-) Wish I was around for that! A friend of mine actually had a “mini mummers” party for her daughter and friends over the holidays, which was also quite entertaining to look at via pictures on facebook…

  • December 20 2011

    We have this tradition in rural communities in Ireland and it is still alive and well today. We call it the Wren Boys and Dingle, Kerry has an annual parade 26 December. I have been fortunate to experience it in East Clare.We have recently moved to Newfoundland and hope to take part next Christmas:)

    • December 30 2011

      Love those Newfoundland and Ireland connections. Makes me eager to get back there more than ever!

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