A Toast to Some Travellers: People to Stalk

It’s Friday night. I am in my pyjamas, eating sweet Valentine’s Day chocolate and watching the new season of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. And I’m Tweeting. And people are Tweeting at me. And people are linking me and engaging me in conversation and I’m so overwhelmed with warm fuzzies and I’m sure they have NOTHING to do with the wine in hand.

I figured I would start taking some time to extend a hug to all those who have reached out to talk with me over the past few months beyond Matador Network (which is, by the way, still the greatest travel community ever). Those who offered encouragement, comments, and entertainment.

There are many more I’m going to add in the upcoming weeks, in fact, I’ve made a list. Because lists are an obsession of mine. If I could, I’d make a list titled List of Reasons Why I Like Making Lists, but that’s another story for another time. My, I do go on! Without further ado, I raise my glass to toast these fine travel folks I’ve connected with in a special way that still leaves me celibate.

We can't all be classy enough to drink wine from bottles
We can’t all be classy enough to drink our wine from bottles.

Chris from The Aussie Nomad: I never met an Aussie I didn’t like, and Chris is no exception. I’m almost certain this guy would befriend anybody on the planet. I often feel that Australians are akin to Newfoundlanders in the sense that we’re laid-back and like to have fun. He’s also soon to embark on his round-the-world trip, so follow him as he heads out on his journey.

Then there’s Pamela of Spunky Girl Monologues: Fellow Canuck and travel blogger, she’s always willing to strike up a conversation. No surprise, being Canadian and all. We’re meeting up at TBEX for some brewskies, you should join us.

Kathryn and Daniel at Two Go Round-the-World: An awesome couple (also Canadian) planning for their RTW trip, their lovely comments about Newfoundland and Labrador make my heart smile all over.

Aye and Jack at GotPassport: I can’t swoon over these people enough, they’re so amiable they make Mother Theresa look like a joke. Plus their Haiti efforts are outstanding. We need more people like this around.

Geraldine at The Everywhereist: I actually can’t believe this girl isn’t Internet famous yet because she’s effing hilarious. But she will be some day. Her writing’s so clean it makes me feel dirty. DIRTY.

On that note, I’m unsure why some people follow me on Twitter without every really bothering to talk to me, even if I initiate the conversation first. Just to clarify: if you strike up a conversation with me, I will ALWAYS write back. Sometimes I am absent for long periods of time. Sometimes I’m drunk. Sometimes I’m volunteering or working. But I WILL reply.

  • January 29 2010

    Well isn’t that a super nice thing for you to say about me. I’ll be sure to include Canada into my RTW plans at some stage so I can stop by to say thanks and buy you a beer :)

    • January 30 2010

      Hells yeah! Come to NL! You’ll love it.

  • January 29 2010


    You are a sweetheart and a very kind one to us! We are honored that we made it on YOUR list. Oh, but please, we have a long way to go in catching up to Mother Theresa– seriously!

    And well, at the end of the day, no matter who we are we all need each other. We all need validation, appreciation and acceptance. We have no problem tweeting with people who are willing to tweet back!

    We love your honesty and enthusiasm in your writing. Keep on keeping on.

    • January 30 2010

      Thanks! And you’re totally right, it’s nice to hear appreciation and acceptance. And well, I think you’re both closer to sainthood than I’ll ever be. Hah.

  • January 29 2010

    Oh girl, this is an amazing list. I haven’t touched on the Everywhereist yet, but I will based on your recommendation. Let’s cut to the chase now, am I day old bread? Stale beer? Note to self: must work harder to win Candice’s love. MUST.

    • January 30 2010

      Bahahaha, don’t worry, you are on THE list! <3

  • January 30 2010

    Just checked out everywhereist’s site. She is pretty witty! I’ve known and been to the others but realized after reading that it’s been a little too long since I’ve gone to the sites so good exercise for me. Shall go make my rounds now :)

    • January 31 2010

      YAY! I’m happy to share the love.

  • January 31 2010

    Awww tanks!! I’m excited for TBEX. I think I’ll need to tattoo my hostel address on my body somewhere if I’m going out for beers with you!! :)

    • January 31 2010

      Hahaha I was totally thinking the same thing, I’m bad enough at reading maps when I’m sober.

  • January 31 2010

    Thanks for the recs lady, just spent 20 minutes going through the Aussie Nomad’s blog! And yes, The Everywhereist is my jam.

    • January 31 2010

      Wooot! Glad you stopped by. I’m a big fan of your blog.

  • January 31 2010

    You mean there’s a world outside of Matador!? Shocking! ;)

    • January 31 2010

      I know, I was surprised too!

  • January 31 2010

    I’ve had three out of five on my RSS feed read for a while, great list though.

  • January 31 2010

    Hmmm, tweeting can fill me with warm fuzzies. I really should look into it. Every weekend I say I’ll set up an account, but then I get carried away with something else. Like choosing colors.

    • January 31 2010

      You really really must, especially with the approach of your own blog launch. :)

  • January 31 2010

    You should save those episodes of It’s Always Sunny in Philidalphia to watch while your on the road. Possibly the best comedy floating the airwaves right now, and easy to watch on an ipod or laptop for when you need some cheering up!

    • February 02 2010

      Oh man, my life for Philly is so profound it hurts. I think I’m missing some episodes from the earlier seasons though, gotta find those!

  • February 01 2010

    Thanks for the tip about the everywhereist, just checked out her blog, she’s freakin funny!!

    • February 02 2010

      Yay, I’m glad you found her!

  • February 01 2010

    Great list, Candice! I just found two more folks to follow from your list (Chris and Pamela)…..and I agree with you about Geraldine – someday she WILL be internet famous, and we can say “we knew her when….”….

    Looking forward to meeting you (and hell yeah downing a few beers!) at TBEX!

    • February 02 2010

      YAY! Glad I turned you onto more folks. Definitely excited for TBEX! Now we have to convince Geraldine to go…

  • February 02 2010

    My ears are burning!!!!

    What? I lit a Q-Tip because I wanted to see inside. :)

    Seriously, Candice, thanks for the love and support and appreciation of my potty mouth (which might pale in comparison to yours, and I mean that as a compliment). I love you madly, whether you’re drunk or not. Maybe especially when you’re drunk.

  • February 06 2010

    Twitter is so much fun and thanks for introducing me to a couple of new twitter people. We are on the road and not able to engage as much on Twitter and I miss it! We feel a little disconnected I must admit. Always love chatting with GotPassport and Two Round the World:0

    • February 07 2010

      I’m super impressed that you’re able to keep up at all! And happy you decided to pay my little corner of the Internet a visit. :)

  • February 08 2010

    Fun list, Candice. The Everywhereist is hilaaarious… Am still a bit new & slow to the community- so far I’m only familiar with Got Passport- this list should be interesting! BTW- love the modified travel wine bottle!

    • February 11 2010

      Yay! I hope you find some awesome new reads, in that case. :)

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