A Newfoundland Language Lesson Part 2: Nunny-Fudgers

My lesson in using the word “b’y” generated such a great response, I decided to do another. This is actually a word I’ve never heard used before, but my friend Matt assures me it’s real. While you may decide not to use it in everyday conversation, it’s just too lovely to pass up.


According to the Dictionary of Newfoundland English, a “nunny-fudger” means: denoting primarily a man who is thinking more of his dinner than of his work, hence generally a man who, from selfish regard to his own interest or comfort, shirks his duty.

I can’t think of a more insulting word to use to describe men like this. “Nunny” suggest someone who is a “ninny,” or “nanny,” or some other emasculating adjective; and “fudger” immediately brings to mind a “fudge-packer.” What you have here is a Sissy Flamer.

Sorry, it seems in an effort to teach you about nunny-fudgers, I’ve become one myself.

Here are some sentences you can practice with:

“Jarge, stop being a nunny-fudger and tend to the chickens.”

“He’s a nunny-fudgin’, no-good-for-nothing, son of a bitch.”

Sounds innocent, but it delivers that Newfie punch.

Bonus points if you combine the last lesson with this one:

“Stop being such a nunny-fudger b’y, we got things to do.”

Next up: the pluralization of words that should never be pluralized.

Other news

My first ever Westjet up! magazine article has been published about Cape Spear. I’m really proud of this one, being approached by a major Canadian airline’s in-flight magazine is a pretty huge deal. Imma do St. John’s proud!

I’m also featured at Pam McNaughton’s blog, Spunky Girl Monologues, with my post about home.I got all nostalgic while writing it, and then I heard someone from outside playing that “Country Road” song that reminds me of the pub. Yes, THE pub, the one and only. I’m overdue for a trip.

  • April 16 2010

    I’ve heard people say nunny-fudger before but I assumed it was just an exclamation like holy cow or something. Good to know the real definition. And is it just me or does it sound really fun to say? I guess I should be careful not to use it in the wrong situation.

    • April 21 2010

      I LOVE saying it! And I think you can totally use it as an exclamation. I intend to do so.

  • April 16 2010

    Candice – congrats on getting published – proof that you are most certainly not a nunny-fudger.

    P.S. – I think I might invent a cookie and call it that.

    • April 21 2010

      Thanks G! And I would totally buy them cookies.

  • April 17 2010

    Hahaha sometimes you wonder how these words were invented? I mean obviously someone made one of these words up and it became a huge success…
    I can think of many of those words in my language too, words that are only understood in one part of our country, sometimes just one part of a city. There are many regions of Sweden where I can’t understand ONE word of what they’re saying… crazy!

    • April 21 2010

      Crazy eh? It’s like that here in Newfoundland too, so many different accents and words and it’s totally overwhelming. But kinda cool too.

  • April 17 2010

    pluralization of words is possibly my favourite, can’t wait for that entry ;D (it’s something I started doing lots of right off, because somehow it just made sense to me. like magic.)

    also, big thumbs up for the up! article! Nice photos ;D

    • April 21 2010

      Bahahah, thanks for those! ;) Helped me out in a major way.

      And yeah, I catch myself pluralizing a lot too.

  • April 17 2010

    I don’t quite get the use of b’y but I’m surely going to use nunny-fudgers.

    • April 21 2010

      Hahahha, it’s going to come to you naturally someday, I just know it.

  • April 17 2010

    Super huge congrats on the article!!! That is definitely worth being excited about….as for the new word lesson, I’m gonna try it on some of the travelers in my hostel and see what they think! :-)

    • April 21 2010

      Thanks Shannon!! Every time someone congratulates me, I get more excited. Hehehe. Plus let me know if you use that word. ;)

  • April 18 2010

    Classic! Of all the newfies I’ve met, the most common thing I’ve noticed is the pluralization thing. And the occasional bout of not understanding a single word they’re saying. but that’s just a rare case. lol. Good work on the article too!

    • April 21 2010

      Thanks Corbin, appreciate your comment over there as well!

  • April 19 2010

    Hehe, I’ve definitely never heard that before. (But then, I’m from England…)

    • April 21 2010

      Time to start spreadin’ the Newf love. ;)

  • April 19 2010

    This is, indeed, a terrific expression. I will incorporate it into my vocabulary. Thank you for the sample sentences!

    And big congratulations on the Westjet Up! article! That is incredible!

  • April 19 2010

    At first I thought is was going to be like saying someone was ‘Nucking Futs’ but switching the ‘F’ and ‘N’ in “Nunny Fudgers” doesn’t make too much sense. That is, unless there is such a thing as Nudgers in that case, they can be funny- I think. I think I put too much thought into this, I should stick to flinging poo – which my brain feels like now for trying to make sense of a fudger nunny, nutty butter, a oh you get the idea.

    • April 21 2010

      Nutty butter! Yessss! God all those expressions sound disgusting.

  • April 19 2010

    Great word! And congrats on the Westjet Up! article – I’ll do my “woo hoo” dance for you :)

    I totally LOL’d though at your bio on their site – leaving out the bit about shots of whiskey and chasing men – ha ha! But hey, we do what we gotta do, right?

    • April 21 2010

      LOL, yeah, just trying to bare my soul to the world. ;) Thanks for reading!

  • April 19 2010

    Wow congrats on the super awesome in-flight mag piece and can’t wait for lesson three…

  • April 21 2010

    Way to go Candice on the West Jet article! I hope they offered you free travel.

    One day you’re going to be the next famous Newfie writer. You have the gift.

    • April 21 2010

      They haven’t yet, who knows, maybe it’s a future perk? :)

      And thanks a lot Leigh, that seriously means a lot to me.

  • April 23 2010

    Oh wow. That’s a word that’s going to enter my vocabulary. Thanks!

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